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AARON » Forbidden to mourn the death of his son, Nadab and Abihu (Leviticus 10:6,19)
ABIATHAR » High priest. Called AHIMELECH in » Helps David by sending his son from Jerusalem to David with secret information concerning the counsel of Ahithophel (1 Samuel 15:35,36;17:15-22; 1 Kings 2:26)
ABRAHAM » His questions about the destruction of the righteous and wicked in Sodom (Genesis 18:23-32)
ABRAHAM » Lives in Gerar; deceives Abimelech concerning Sarah, his wife (Genesis 20)
ABSTEMIOUSNESS » INSTANCES OF » Daniel and his Hebrew companions (Daniel 1:8-16)
ACCUSATION, FALSE » INCIDENTS ILLUSTRATIVE OF » Against Joseph by Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39:7-20)
ADAM » The first man. Creation of » His death (Genesis 5:5)
AFFLICTIONS AND ADVERSITIES » INSTANCES OF RESIGNATION IN » Against his house were foretold (1 Samuel 3:15-18)
AFFLICTIONS AND ADVERSITIES » INSTANCES OF RESIGNATION IN » David, at the death of his child (1 Samuel 12:23)
AHAB » King of Israel » Succeeded by his son, Ahaziah (1 Kings 22:40)

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