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Deuterocanonical versions (Apocrypha)

The Deuterocanonical books are a collection of books included in some Bibles but omitted from others. The Bible Gateway excludes the Deuterocanonical versions from Bible searches by default, but gives you the option
of including them.
Why have we chosen to do this?

The reason is that many Christians, particularly in the Protestant tradition, do not consider the books of the Deutrocanon to be canon--that is, they don't consider them to be equal in authority to the other books of the Bible. The Deuterocanonical books, thus, does not appear in most Protestant Bibles.
Other Christian traditions, including the Roman Catholic church, do consider them canon. For more information, read a good brief description of the Deuterocanonical books and its history.

We've decided to make the Deuterocanonical versions available to those who want them, but we don't display them by default to avoid confusing readers who aren't accustomed to seeing these "extra" books alongside their familiar Scriptures. If you want to include the Deuterocanonical versions in your Bible Gateway searches, you can do so by using the button below (although note that this will only affect Bible versions for which the Deuterocanonical books are available). You can turn off the Deuterocanonical books in the same manner.

Your "Include Deuterocanonical versions" preference is not available and cannot be changed at this time.

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