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Isaiah 33:7-9 World English Bible (WEB)

Behold, their valiant ones cry outside;
    the ambassadors of peace weep bitterly.
The highways are desolate.
    The traveling man ceases.
    The covenant is broken.
    He has despised the cities.
    He doesn’t respect man.
The land mourns and languishes.
    Lebanon is confounded and withers away.
    Sharon is like a desert, and Bashan and Carmel are stripped bare.

World English Bible (WEB)

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Isaiah 33:7-9 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Behold, their brave men cry in [a]the streets,
The [b]ambassadors of peace weep bitterly.
The highways are desolate, [c]the traveler has ceased,
He has broken the covenant, he has despised the cities,
He has no regard for man.
The land mourns and pines away,
Lebanon is shamed and withers;
Sharon is like a desert plain,
And Bashan and Carmel [d]lose their foliage.


  1. Isaiah 33:7 Lit the outside
  2. Isaiah 33:7 Lit messengers
  3. Isaiah 33:8 Lit he who passes along the way
  4. Isaiah 33:9 Lit shake off
New American Standard Bible (NASB)

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