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Hosea 13:1-3 World English Bible (WEB)

13 When Ephraim spoke, there was trembling.

    He exalted himself in Israel,
    but when he became guilty in Baal, he died.
Now they sin more and more,
    and have made themselves molten images of their silver,
    even idols according to their own understanding,
    all of them the work of the craftsmen.
    They say of them, ‘They offer human sacrifice and kiss the calves.’
Therefore they will be like the morning mist,
    and like the dew that passes away early,
    like the chaff that is driven with the whirlwind out of the threshing floor,
    and like the smoke out of the chimney.

World English Bible (WEB)

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Hosea 13:1-3 New International Version (NIV)

The Lord’s Anger Against Israel

13 When Ephraim spoke, people trembled;
    he was exalted in Israel.
    But he became guilty of Baal worship and died.
Now they sin more and more;
    they make idols for themselves from their silver,
cleverly fashioned images,
    all of them the work of craftsmen.
It is said of these people,
    “They offer human sacrifices!
    They kiss[a] calf-idols!
Therefore they will be like the morning mist,
    like the early dew that disappears,
    like chaff swirling from a threshing floor,
    like smoke escaping through a window.


  1. Hosea 13:2 Or “Men who sacrifice / kiss
New International Version (NIV)

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