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Hosea 13:4-14 Revised Standard Version (RSV)

I am the Lord your God
    from the land of Egypt;
you know no God but me,
    and besides me there is no saviour.
It was I who knew you in the wilderness,
    in the land of drought;
but when they had fed[a] to the full,
    they were filled, and their heart was lifted up;
    therefore they forgot me.
So I will be to them like a lion,
    like a leopard I will lurk beside the way.
I will fall upon them like a bear robbed of her cubs,
    I will tear open their breast,
and there I will devour them like a lion,
    as a wild beast would rend them.

I will destroy you, O Israel;
    who[b] can help you?
10 Where[c] now is your king, to save you;
    where are all[d] your princes,[e] to defend you[f]
those of whom you said,
    “Give me a king and princes”?
11 I have given you kings in my anger,
    and I have taken them away in my wrath.

12 The iniquity of E′phraim is bound up,
    his sin is kept in store.
13 The pangs of childbirth come for him,
    but he is an unwise son;
for now he does not present himself
    at the mouth of the womb.

14 Shall I ransom them from the power of Sheol?
    Shall I redeem them from Death?
O Death, where[g] are your plagues?
    O Sheol, where[h] is your destruction?
    Compassion is hid from my eyes.


  1. Hosea 13:6 Cn: Heb according to their pasture
  2. Hosea 13:9 Gk Syr: Heb for in me
  3. Hosea 13:10 Gk Syr Vg: Heb I will be
  4. Hosea 13:10 Cn: Heb in all
  5. Hosea 13:10 Cn: Heb cities
  6. Hosea 13:10 Cn Compare Gk: Heb and your judges
  7. Hosea 13:14 Gk Syr: Heb I will be
  8. Hosea 13:14 Gk Syr: Heb I will be
Revised Standard Version (RSV)

Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright © 1946, 1952, and 1971 the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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