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Hebrews 1-2 New Life Version (NLV)

God Speaks Through His Son

Long ago God spoke to our early fathers in many different ways. He spoke through the early preachers. But in these last days He has spoken to us through His Son. God gave His Son everything. It was by His Son that God made the world. The Son shines with the shining-greatness of the Father. The Son is as God is in every way. It is the Son Who holds up the whole world by the power of His Word. The Son gave His own life so we could be clean from all sin. After He had done that, He sat down on the right side of God in heaven.

The Son Was Greater Than the Angels

The Son of God was made greater and better than the angels. God gave Him a greater name than theirs. God did not say to any of His angels, “You are My Son. Today I have become Your Father.” And He did not say to any angel, “I will be a Father to Him. He will be a Son to Me.” But when God brought His first-born Son, Jesus, into the world, He said, “Let all the angels of God worship Him.” He said this about the angels, “He makes His angels to be winds. He makes His servants a burning fire.” But about His Son, He says, “O God, Your throne will last forever. Whatever You say in Your nation is right and good. You have loved what is right. You have hated what is wrong. That is why God, Your God, has chosen You. He has poured over You the oil of joy more than over anyone else.” 10 He said also, “Lord, You made the earth in the beginning. You made the heavens with Your hands. 11 They will be destroyed but You will always be here. They will all become old just as clothes become old. 12 You will roll up the heavens like a coat. They will be changed. But You are always the same. You will never grow old.” 13 God never said to any angel, “Sit at My right side, until I make those who hate You a place to rest Your feet.” 14 Are not all the angels spirits who work for God? They are sent out to help those who are to be saved from the punishment of sin.

Do Not Wait to Be Saved from the Punishment of Sin

That is why we must listen all the more to the truths we have been told. If we do not, we may slip away from them. These truths given by the angels proved to be true. People were punished when they did not obey them. God was so good to make a way for us to be saved from the punishment of sin. What makes us think we will not go to hell if we do not take the way to heaven that He has made for us? The Lord was the first to tell us of this. Then those who heard Him told it later. God proved what they said was true by showing us special things to see and by doing powerful works. He gave the gifts of the Holy Spirit as He wanted to.

Jesus, the Way to Heaven

God did not make angels to be the leaders of that world to come which we have been speaking about. Instead, the Holy Writings say, “What is man that You think of him and the son of man that You should remember him?” “You made him so he took a place that was not as important as the angels for a little while. You gave him the crown of honor and shining-greatness. *You made him the head over everything You have made. You have put everything under his feet.” There is nothing that does not obey him, but we do not see all things obey him yet. But we do see Jesus. For a little while He took a place that was not as important as the angels. But God had loving-favor for everyone. He had Jesus suffer death on a cross for all of us. Then, because of Christ’s death on a cross, God gave Him the crown of honor and shining-greatness.

10 God made all things. He made all things for Himself. It was right for God to make Jesus a perfect Leader by having Him suffer for men’s sins. In this way, He is bringing many men to share His shining-greatness. 11 Jesus makes men holy. He takes away their sins. Both Jesus and the ones being made holy have the same Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them His brothers. 12 Jesus is saying to His Father, “I will tell My brothers Your name. I will sing songs of thanks for You among the people.” 13 And again He says, “I will put My trust in God.” At another time He said, “Here I am with the children God gave Me.”

14 It is true that we share the same Father with Jesus. And it is true that we share the same kind of flesh and blood because Jesus became a man like us. He died as we must die. Through His death He destroyed the power of the devil who has the power of death. 15 Jesus did this to make us free from the fear of death. We no longer need to be chained to this fear. 16 Jesus did not come to help angels. Instead, He came to help men who are of Abraham’s family. 17 So Jesus had to become like His brothers in every way. He had to be one of us to be our Religious Leader to go between God and us. He had loving-pity on us and He was faithful. He gave Himself as a gift to die on a cross for our sins so that God would not hold these sins against us any longer. 18 Because Jesus was tempted as we are and suffered as we do, He understands us and He is able to help us when we are tempted.

New Life Version (NLV)

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