11 (A)He must turn away from evil and do good;
He must seek peace and pursue it.
12 (B)For the eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous,
And His ears attend to their prayer,
But the face of the Lord is against evildoers.”

13 (C)And who is [a]there to harm you if you prove zealous for what is good? 14 But even if you should (D)suffer for the sake of righteousness, (E)you [b]are blessed. (F)And do not fear their [c]intimidation, and do not be in dread, 15 but [d]sanctify (G)Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready (H)to make a [e]defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the (I)hope that is in you, but (J)with gentleness and (K)respect; 16 [f]and keep a (L)good conscience so that in the thing in which (M)you are slandered, those who disparage your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame. 17 For (N)it is better, (O)if [g]God should will it so, that you suffer for doing what is right rather than for doing what is wrong.

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  1. 1 Peter 3:13 Lit the one who will harm you
  2. 1 Peter 3:14 Or would be
  3. 1 Peter 3:14 Lit fear
  4. 1 Peter 3:15 I.e., set apart
  5. 1 Peter 3:15 Or argument; or explanation
  6. 1 Peter 3:16 Lit having a good
  7. 1 Peter 3:17 Lit the will of God

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