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21 So now, give their children[a] to famine,(A)
    deliver them to the power of the sword.
Let their wives be childless and widows;
    let their husbands die of pestilence,
    their youths be struck down by the sword in battle.
22 May cries be heard from their homes,
    when suddenly you send plunderers against them.
For they have dug a pit to capture me,
    they have hidden snares for my feet;
23 But you, Lord, know
    all their planning for my death.
Do not forgive their crime,
    and their sin do not blot out from your sight!
Let them stumble before you,
    in the time of your anger act against them.(B)

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  1. 18:21 Give their children: often an extended family is meant, to be rewarded or punished as a unit.