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(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

Thanking the Lord for Victory

21 Our Lord, your mighty power
    makes the king glad,
    and he celebrates victories
    that you have given him.
You did what he wanted most
    and never told him “No.”
You truly blessed the king,
    and you placed on him
    a crown of finest gold.
He asked to live a long time,
    and you promised him life
    that never ends.

The king is highly honored.
You have let him win victories
    that have made him famous.
You have given him blessings
    that will last forever,
    and you have made him glad
    by being so near to him.
Lord Most High,
    the king trusts you,
    and your kindness
    keeps him from defeat.

With your mighty arm, Lord,
you will strike down
    all of your hateful enemies.
They will be destroyed by fire
    once you are here,
    and because of your anger,
    flames will swallow them.
10 You will wipe their families
from the earth,
    and they will disappear.
11 All their plans to harm you
    will come to nothing.
12 You will make them run away
    by shooting your arrows
    at their faces.

13 Show your strength, Lord,
    so that we may sing
    and praise your power.

(A psalm by David for the music leader. To the tune “A Deer at Dawn.”)

Suffering and Praise

22 My God, my God, why have you
    deserted me?
    Why are you so far away?
Won’t you listen to my groans
    and come to my rescue?
I cry out day and night,
but you don’t answer,
    and I can never rest.

Yet you are the holy God,
ruling from your throne
    and praised by Israel.
Our ancestors trusted you,
    and you rescued them.
When they cried out for help,
    you saved them,
and you did not let them down
    when they depended on you.

But I am merely a worm,
    far less than human,
    and I am hated and rejected
    by people everywhere.
Everyone who sees me
    makes fun and sneers.
They shake their heads,
    and say,
“Trust the Lord!
If you are his favorite,
    let him protect you
    and keep you safe.”

You, Lord, brought me
    safely through birth,
and you protected me
    when I was a baby
    at my mother’s breast.
10 From the day I was born,
    I have been in your care,
and from the time of my birth,
    you have been my God.

11 Don’t stay far off
    when I am in trouble
    with no one to help me.
12 Enemies are all around
    like a herd of wild bulls.
    Powerful bulls from Bashan[a]
    are everywhere.
13 My enemies are like lions
    roaring and attacking
    with jaws open wide.

14 I have no more strength
    than a few drops of water.
All my bones are out of joint;
    my heart is like melted wax.
15 My strength has dried up
    like a broken clay pot,
    and my tongue sticks
    to the roof of my mouth.
You, God, have left me
    to die in the dirt.

16 Brutal enemies attack me
    like a pack of dogs,
    tearing at[b] my hands
    and my feet.
17 I can count all my bones,
    and my enemies just stare
    and sneer at me.
18 They took my clothes
    and gambled for them.

19 Don’t stay far away, Lord!
    My strength comes from you,
    so hurry and help.
20 Rescue me from enemy swords
    and save me from those dogs.
21     Don’t let lions eat me.

You rescued me from the horns
    of wild bulls,
22     and when your people meet,
    I will praise you, Lord.

23 All who worship the Lord,
    now praise him!
You belong to Jacob’s family
and to the people of Israel,
    so fear and honor the Lord!
24 The Lord doesn’t hate
or despise the helpless
    in all of their troubles.
When I cried out, he listened
    and did not turn away.

25 When your people meet,
you will fill my heart
    with your praises, Lord,
    and everyone will see me
    keep my promises to you.
26 The poor will eat and be full,
and all who worship you
    will be thankful
    and live in hope.

27 Everyone on this earth
    will remember you, Lord.
People all over the world
    will turn and worship you,
28     because you are in control,
    the ruler of all nations.

29 All who are rich
and have more than enough
    will bow down to you, Lord.
Even those who are dying
and almost in the grave
    will come and bow down.
30 In the future, everyone
will worship
    and learn
    about you, our Lord.
31 People not yet born
will be told,
    “The Lord has saved us!”

(A psalm by David.)

The Good Shepherd

23 You, Lord, are my shepherd.
    I will never be in need.
    You let me rest in fields
    of green grass.
You lead me to streams
of peaceful water,
    and you refresh my life.

You are true to your name,
    and you lead me
    along the right paths.
I may walk through valleys
as dark as death,
    but I won’t be afraid.
You are with me,
    and your shepherd’s rod[c]
    makes me feel safe.

You treat me to a feast,
    while my enemies watch.
You honor me as your guest,
    and you fill my cup
    until it overflows.
Your kindness and love
will always be with me
    each day of my life,
    and I will live forever
    in your house, Lord.

(A psalm by David.)

Who Can Enter the Lord’s Temple?

24 The earth and everything on it
    belong to the Lord.
    The world and its people
    belong to him.
The Lord placed it all
    on the oceans and rivers.

Who may climb the Lord’s hill[d]
    or stand in his holy temple?
Only those who do right
    for the right reasons,
    and don’t worship idols
    or tell lies under oath.
The Lord God, who saves them,
    will bless and reward them,
    because they worship and serve
    the God of Jacob.[e]
Open the ancient gates,
    so that the glorious king
    may come in.

Who is this glorious king?
    He is our Lord, a strong
    and mighty warrior.

Open the ancient gates,
    so that the glorious king
    may come in.

10 Who is this glorious king?
    He is our Lord,
    the All-Powerful!

(By David.)

A Prayer for Guidance and Help

25 I offer you my heart, Lord God,
    and I trust you.
    Don’t make me ashamed
    or let enemies defeat me.
Don’t disappoint any
    of your worshipers,
    but disappoint all
    deceitful liars.
Show me your paths
    and teach me to follow;
    guide me by your truth
    and instruct me.
You keep me safe,
    and I always trust you.

Please, Lord, remember,
    you have always
    been patient and kind.
Forget each wrong I did
    when I was young.
    Show how truly kind you are
    and remember me.
You are honest and merciful,
    and you teach sinners
    how to follow your path.

You lead humble people
to do what is right
    and to stay on your path.
10 In everything you do,
    you are kind and faithful
    to everyone who keeps
    our agreement with you.

11 Be true to your name, Lord,
    by forgiving each one
    of my terrible sins.
12 You will show the right path
    to all who worship you.
13 They will have plenty,
    and then their children
    will receive the land.

14 Our Lord, you are the friend
    of your worshipers,
    and you make an agreement
    with all of us.
15 I always look to you,
    because you rescue me
    from every trap.
16 I am lonely and troubled.
    Show that you care
    and have pity on me.
17 My awful worries keep growing.
    Rescue me from sadness.
18 See my troubles and misery
    and forgive my sins.

19 Look at all my enemies!
    See how much they hate me.
20 I come to you for shelter.
Protect me, keep me safe,
    and don’t disappoint me.
21 I obey you with all my heart,
    and I trust you, knowing
    that you will save me.

22 Our God, please save Israel
    from all of its troubles.


  1. 22.12 Bashan: A land east of the Jordan River, where there were pastures suitable for raising fine cattle.
  2. 22.16 tearing at: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  3. 23.4 shepherd’s rod: The Hebrew text mentions two objects carried by the shepherd: a club to defend against wild animals and a long pole to guide and control the sheep.
  4. 24.3 the Lord’s hill: The hill in Jerusalem where the temple was built.
  5. 24.6 worship. . . Jacob: Two ancient translations; Hebrew “worship God and serve the descendants of Jacob.”

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