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Shout Praises to the Lord

Shout praises to the Lord!
With all that I am,
    I will shout his praises.
I will sing and praise
the Lord God
    as long as I live.

You can't depend on anyone,
    not even a great leader.
Once they die and are buried,
that will be the end
    of all their plans.

The Lord God of Jacob blesses
everyone who trusts him
    and depends on him.
(A) God made heaven and earth;
he created the sea
    and everything else.
God always keeps his word.
He gives justice to the poor
    and food to the hungry.

The Lord sets prisoners free
    and heals blind eyes.
He gives a helping hand
    to everyone who falls.
The Lord loves good people
    and looks after strangers.
He defends the rights
of orphans and widows,
    but destroys the wicked.

10 The Lord God of Zion
will rule forever!
    Shout praises to the Lord!

Sing and Praise the Lord

Shout praises to the Lord!
    Our God is kind,
and it is right and good
    to sing praises to him.
The Lord rebuilds Jerusalem
and brings the people of Israel
    back home again.
He renews our hopes
    and heals our bodies.
He decided how many stars
there would be in the sky
    and gave each one a name.
Our Lord is great and powerful!
    He understands everything.
The Lord helps the oppressed,
but he smears the wicked
    in the dirt.

Celebrate and sing!
Play your harps
    for the Lord our God.
He fills the sky with clouds
    and sends rain to the earth,
so that the hills
    will be green with grass.
He provides food for cattle
and for the young ravens,
    when they cry out.
10 The Lord doesn't care about
the strength of horses
    or powerful armies.
11 The Lord is pleased only
with those who worship him
    and trust his love.

12 Everyone in Jerusalem,
come and praise
    the Lord your God!
13 He makes your city gates strong
    and blesses your people.
14 God lets you live in peace,
and he gives you
    the very best wheat.

15 As soon as God speaks,
    the earth obeys.
16 He covers the ground with snow
    like a blanket of wool,
and he scatters frost
    like ashes on the ground.
17 God sends down hailstones
like chips of rocks.
    Who can stand the cold?
18 At his command the ice melts,
the wind blows,
    and streams begin to flow.

19 God gave his laws and teachings
to the descendants of Jacob,
    the nation of Israel.
20 But he has not given his laws
to any other nation.
    Shout praises to the Lord!

Come Praise the Lord

Shout praises to the Lord!
Shout the Lord's praises
    in the highest heavens.
All of you angels,
and all who serve him above,
    come and offer praise.

Sun and moon,
and all of you bright stars,
    come and offer praise.
Highest heavens, and the water
above the highest heavens,[a]
    come and offer praise.

Let all things praise
    the name of the Lord,
because they were created
    at his command.
He made them to last forever,
and nothing can change
    what he has done.[b]

All creatures on earth,
you obey his commands,
    so come praise the Lord!

Sea monsters and the deep sea,
fire and hail, snow and frost,
    and every stormy wind,
    come praise the Lord!

All mountains and hills,
    fruit trees and cedars,
10 every wild and tame animal,
all reptiles and birds,
    come praise the Lord!

11 Every king and every ruler,
    all nations on earth,
12 every man and every woman,
young people and old,
    come praise the Lord!

13 All creation, come praise
the name of the Lord.
    Praise his name alone.
The glory of God is greater
    than heaven and earth.

14 Like a bull with mighty horns,
the Lord protects
    his faithful nation Israel,
because they belong to him.
    Shout praises to the Lord!

A New Song of Praise

Shout praises to the Lord!
Sing him a new song of praise
    when his loyal people meet.
People of Israel, rejoice
    because of your Creator.
People of Zion, celebrate
    because of your King.
Praise his name by dancing
and playing music on harps
    and tambourines.
The Lord is pleased
    with his people,
and he gives victory
    to those who are humble.
All of you faithful people,
praise our glorious Lord!
    Celebrate and worship.
(B) Praise God with songs
on your lips
    and a sword in your hand.
Take revenge and punish
    the nations.
Put chains of iron
    on their kings and rulers.
Punish them as they deserve;
    this is the privilege
of God's faithful people.
    Shout praises to the Lord!

The Lord Is Good to His People

Shout praises to the Lord!
    Praise God in his temple.
Praise him in heaven,
    his mighty fortress.
Praise our God!
His deeds are wonderful,
    too marvelous to describe.

Praise God with trumpets
    and all kinds of harps.
Praise him with tambourines
    and dancing,
with stringed instruments
    and woodwinds.
Praise God with cymbals,
    with clashing cymbals.
Let every living creature
praise the Lord.
    Shout praises to the Lord!


  1. 148.4 the water … heavens: It was believed that the earth and the heavens were surrounded by water.
  2. 148.6 nothing … done: Or “his laws will never change.”

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