So I (A)pastured the flock doomed to slaughter, [a]hence the (B)afflicted of the flock. And I took for myself two (C)staffs: the one I called [b](D)Favor and the other I called [c](E)Union; so I pastured the flock. Then I annihilated the three shepherds in (F)one month, for my soul was impatient with them, and their soul also [d]was weary of me. Then I said, “I will not pasture you. What is to (G)die, [e]let it die, and what is to be annihilated, [f]let it be annihilated; and [g]let those who are left eat one another’s flesh.” 10 I took my staff [h](H)Favor and cut it in pieces, to [i](I)break my covenant which I had made with all the peoples. 11 So it was [j]broken on that day, and [k]thus the (J)afflicted of the flock who were watching me realized that it was the word of the Lord. 12 I said to them, “If it is good in your sight, give me my (K)wages; but if not, [l]never mind!” So they weighed out (L)thirty shekels of silver as my wages. 13 Then the Lord said to me, “Throw it to the (M)potter, that magnificent price at which I was valued by them.” So I took the thirty shekels of silver and threw them to the potter in the house of the Lord. 14 Then I cut in pieces my second staff [m](N)Union, to (O)break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.

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  1. Zechariah 11:7 Another reading is for the sheep dealers
  2. Zechariah 11:7 Or Pleasantness
  3. Zechariah 11:7 Or Cords
  4. Zechariah 11:8 Or detested
  5. Zechariah 11:9 Or will die
  6. Zechariah 11:9 Or will be annihilated
  7. Zechariah 11:9 Or those...will eat
  8. Zechariah 11:10 Or Pleasantness
  9. Zechariah 11:10 Or annul
  10. Zechariah 11:11 Or annulled
  11. Zechariah 11:11 Another reading is the sheep dealers who
  12. Zechariah 11:12 Lit cease
  13. Zechariah 11:14 Or Cords