“I will strengthen(A) Judah
    and save the tribes of Joseph.
I will restore them
    because I have compassion(B) on them.(C)
They will be as though
    I had not rejected them,
for I am the Lord their God
    and I will answer(D) them.
The Ephraimites will become like warriors,
    and their hearts will be glad as with wine.(E)
Their children will see it and be joyful;
    their hearts will rejoice(F) in the Lord.
I will signal(G) for them
    and gather them in.
Surely I will redeem them;
    they will be as numerous(H) as before.
Though I scatter them among the peoples,
    yet in distant lands they will remember me.(I)
They and their children will survive,
    and they will return.
10 I will bring them back from Egypt
    and gather them from Assyria.(J)
I will bring them to Gilead(K) and Lebanon,
    and there will not be room(L) enough for them.
11 They will pass through the sea of trouble;
    the surging sea will be subdued
    and all the depths of the Nile will dry up.(M)
Assyria’s pride(N) will be brought down
    and Egypt’s scepter(O) will pass away.(P)
12 I will strengthen(Q) them in the Lord
    and in his name they will live securely,(R)
declares the Lord.

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