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29 Who would dare enter the house of a mighty man and steal his property? First he must be overpowered and tied up by one who is stronger than he. Then his entire house can be plundered and every possession stolen.

30 So join with me,[a] for if you’re not on my side you are against me. And if you refuse to help me gather the spoils, you are making things worse.[b]

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  1. Matthew 12:30 Jesus is saying, “This is a war with no neutrality. Join my side or you will miss the spoils of victory and be forever scattered.”
  2. Matthew 12:30 The Hebrew Matthew is “He who does not join me denies me.”

29 Or how can anyone go into a strong man’s house and steal his property unless he first overpowers and ties up the strong man? Then he will ransack and rob his house.(A)

The Unpardonable Sin

30 He who is not with Me [once and for all on My side] is against Me; and he who does not [unequivocally] gather with Me scatters.(B)

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