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Luke 9:1-6 The Message (MSG)

Keep It Simple

1-5 Jesus now called the Twelve and gave them authority and power to deal with all the demons and cure diseases. He commissioned them to preach the news of God’s kingdom and heal the sick. He said, “Don’t load yourselves up with equipment. Keep it simple; you are the equipment. And no luxury inns—get a modest place and be content there until you leave. If you’re not welcomed, leave town. Don’t make a scene. Shrug your shoulders and move on.”

Commissioned, they left. They traveled from town to town telling the latest news of God, the Message, and curing people everywhere they went.

The Message (MSG)

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Luke 9:1-6 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Jesus Sends Out His Apostles

Jesus summoned together his twelve apostles[a] and imparted to them authority over every demon and the power to heal every disease. Then he commissioned them to preach God’s kingdom realm and to heal the sick to demonstrate that the kingdom had arrived. As he sent them out, he gave them these instructions: “Take nothing extra on your journey.[b] Just go as you are. Don’t carry a staff, a backpack, food, money, not even a change of clothes. Whatever home welcomes you as a guest, remain there and make it your base of ministry. And wherever your ministry is rejected and not welcomed, you are to leave that town and shake the dust off your shoes as a testimony before them.”[c]

The apostles departed and went into the villages with the wonderful news of God’s kingdom realm, and they instantly healed diseases wherever they went.


  1. Luke 9:1 As translated from certain Greek manuscripts and implied in the context.
  2. Luke 9:3 Why did Jesus tell them to go empty-handed? To trust and walk in faith. But also because they already had the five items they were told not to bring, as their spiritual counterparts are found in him (i.e., he is our treasure, our strength, our living bread, our provider, and our righteousness).
  3. Luke 9:5 Shaking the dust off their feet would be a statement against the people who had rejected the gospel, that the messengers would not be responsible for their fate. More than a metaphor, this was an actual custom of the day. However, the words “before them” can also be translated “against them.” Shaking the dust off their feet did not mean they were to stomp off offended and angry, but that they would move on with no defilement or unforgiveness in their hearts toward those who rejected their message. If they did not do that, they would take the “dust” of that offense to the next place they ministered.
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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Luke 9:1-6 Disciples’ Literal New Testament (DLNT)

Jesus Sends Out The Twelve To Proclaim The Kingdom And Heal The Sick

Now having called together the twelve, He gave them power and authority over all the demons, and to cure diseases. And He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick ones. And He said to them, “Be taking nothing for the journey— neither a staff, nor a [traveler’s] bag, nor bread, nor money, nor are you to have two tunics[a] each. And into whatever house you enter, be staying there, and going forth from there. And all who do not welcome you— while going out from that city, be shaking-off the dust from your feet for a testimony against them”. And going forth, they were going from village-to-village announcing-the-good-news and curing everywhere.


  1. Luke 9:3 That is, undergarments. Take no provisions for the journey; just go.
Disciples’ Literal New Testament (DLNT)

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