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Enoch’s Prophecy

14 Enoch, the seventh direct descendant from Adam,[a] prophesied of their doom[b] when he said, “Look! Here comes the Lord Yahweh[c] in his myriads of holy ones.[d]

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  1. 14 That would be Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, and Enoch.
  2. 14 Or “prophesied against them.”
  3. 14 As translated from the Aramaic. The Greek can also be translated “The Lord has come” (proleptic [or futuristic] aorist).
  4. 14 Or “in holy myriads of himself.” He comes through a people who are like him. Most translations read, “The Lord is coming with ten thousands” but the Greek word en is translated “in” over 1,870 times in the New Testament. En means “in.”

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