27 “I know full well what you are thinking,
    the schemes by which you would wrong me.
28 You say, ‘Where now is the house of the great,(A)
    the tents where the wicked lived?’(B)
29 Have you never questioned those who travel?
    Have you paid no regard to their accounts—
30 that the wicked are spared from the day of calamity,(C)
    that they are delivered from[a] the day of wrath?(D)
31 Who denounces their conduct to their face?
    Who repays them for what they have done?(E)
32 They are carried to the grave,
    and watch is kept over their tombs.(F)
33 The soil in the valley is sweet to them;(G)
    everyone follows after them,
    and a countless throng goes[b] before them.(H)

34 “So how can you console me(I) with your nonsense?
    Nothing is left of your answers but falsehood!”(J)

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  1. Job 21:30 Or wicked are reserved for the day of calamity, / that they are brought forth to
  2. Job 21:33 Or them, / as a countless throng went

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