11 Terrors(A) startle him on every side(B)
    and dog(C) his every step.
12 Calamity(D) is hungry(E) for him;
    disaster(F) is ready for him when he falls.(G)
13 It eats away parts of his skin;(H)
    death’s firstborn devours his limbs.(I)
14 He is torn from the security of his tent(J)
    and marched off to the king(K) of terrors.(L)
15 Fire resides[a] in his tent;(M)
    burning sulfur(N) is scattered over his dwelling.
16 His roots dry up below(O)
    and his branches wither above.(P)
17 The memory of him perishes from the earth;(Q)
    he has no name(R) in the land.(S)
18 He is driven from light into the realm of darkness(T)
    and is banished(U) from the world.(V)
19 He has no offspring(W) or descendants(X) among his people,
    no survivor(Y) where once he lived.(Z)
20 People of the west are appalled(AA) at his fate;(AB)
    those of the east are seized with horror.
21 Surely such is the dwelling(AC) of an evil man;(AD)
    such is the place(AE) of one who does not know God.”(AF)

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  1. Job 18:15 Or Nothing he had remains

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