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Job 38-42 Young's Literal Translation (YLT)

38 And Jehovah answereth Job out of the whirlwind, and saith: --

Who [is] this -- darkening counsel, By words without knowledge?

Gird, I pray thee, as a man, thy loins, And I ask thee, and cause thou Me to know.

Where wast thou when I founded earth? Declare, if thou hast known understanding.

Who placed its measures -- if thou knowest? Or who hath stretched out upon it a line?

On what have its sockets been sunk? Or who hath cast its corner-stone?

In the singing together of stars of morning, And all sons of God shout for joy,

And He shutteth up with doors the sea, In its coming forth, from the womb it goeth out.

In My making a cloud its clothing, And thick darkness its swaddling band,

10 And I measure over it My statute, And place bar and doors,

11 And say, `Hitherto come thou, and add not, And a command is placed On the pride of thy billows.'

12 Hast thou commanded morning since thy days? Causest thou the dawn to know its place?

13 To take hold on the skirts of the earth, And the wicked are shaken out of it,

14 It turneth itself as clay of a seal And they station themselves as clothed.

15 And withheld from the wicked is their light, And the arm lifted up is broken.

16 Hast thou come in to springs of the sea? And in searching the deep Hast thou walked up and down?

17 Revealed to thee were the gates of death? And the gates of death-shade dost thou see?

18 Thou hast understanding, Even unto the broad places of earth! Declare -- if thou hast known it all.

19 Where [is] this -- the way light dwelleth? And darkness, where [is] this -- its place?

20 That thou dost take it unto its boundary, And that thou dost understand The paths of its house.

21 Thou hast known -- for then thou art born And the number of thy days [are] many!

22 Hast thou come in unto the treasure of snow? Yea, the treasures of hail dost thou see?

23 That I have kept back for a time of distress, For a day of conflict and battle.

24 Where [is] this, the way light is apportioned? It scattereth an east wind over the earth.

25 Who hath divided for the flood a conduit? And a way for the lightning of the voices?

26 To cause [it] to rain on a land -- no man, A wilderness -- no man in it.

27 To satisfy a desolate and waste place, And to cause to shoot up The produce of the tender grass?

28 Hath the rain a father? Or who hath begotten the drops of dew?

29 From whose belly came forth the ice? And the hoar-frost of the heavens, Who hath begotten it?

30 As a stone waters are hidden, And the face of the deep is captured.

31 Dost thou bind sweet influences of Kimah? Or the attractions of Kesil dost thou open?

32 Dost thou bring out Mazzaroth in its season? And Aysh for her sons dost thou comfort?

33 Hast thou known the statutes of heaven? Or dost thou appoint Its dominion in the earth?

34 Dost thou lift up to the cloud thy voice, And abundance of water doth cover thee?

35 Dost thou send out lightnings, and they go And say unto thee, `Behold us?'

36 Who hath put in the inward parts wisdom? Or who hath given To the covered part understanding?

37 Who doth number the clouds by wisdom? And the bottles of the heavens, Who doth cause to lie down,

38 In the hardening of dust into hardness, And clods cleave together?

39 Dost thou hunt for a lion prey? And the desire of young lions fulfil?

40 When they bow down in dens -- Abide in a thicket for a covert?

41 Who doth prepare for a raven his provision, When his young ones cry unto God? They wander without food.

39 Hast thou known the time of The bearing of the wild goats of the rock? The bringing forth of hinds thou dost mark!

Thou dost number the months they fulfil? And thou hast known the time of their bringing forth!

They bow down, Their young ones they bring forth safely, Their pangs they cast forth.

Safe are their young ones, They grow up in the field, they have gone out, And have not returned to them.

Who hath sent forth the wild ass free? Yea, the bands of the wild ass who opened?

Whose house I have made the wilderness, And his dwellings the barren land,

He doth laugh at the multitude of a city, The cries of an exactor he heareth not.

The range of mountains [is] his pasture, And after every green thing he seeketh.

Is a Reem willing to serve thee? Doth he lodge by thy crib?

10 Dost thou bind a Reem in a furrow [with] his thick band? Doth he harrow valleys after thee?

11 Dost thou trust in him because great [is] his power? And dost thou leave unto him thy labour?

12 Dost thou trust in him That he doth bring back thy seed? And [to] thy threshing-floor doth gather [it]?

13 The wing of the rattling ones exulteth, Whether the pinion of the ostrich or hawk.

14 For she leaveth on the earth her eggs, And on the dust she doth warm them,

15 And she forgetteth that a foot may press it, And a beast of the field tread it down.

16 Her young ones it hath hardened without her, In vain [is] her labour without fear.

17 For God hath caused her to forget wisdom, And He hath not given a portion To her in understanding:

18 At the time on high she lifteth herself up, She laugheth at the horse and at his rider.

19 Dost thou give to the horse might? Dost thou clothe his neck [with] a mane?

20 Dost thou cause him to rush as a locust? The majesty of his snorting [is] terrible.

21 They dig in a valley, and he rejoiceth in power, He goeth forth to meet the armour.

22 He laugheth at fear, and is not affrighted, And he turneth not back from the face of the sword.

23 Against him rattle doth quiver, The flame of a spear, and a halbert.

24 With trembling and rage he swalloweth the ground, And remaineth not stedfast Because of the sound of a trumpet.

25 Among the trumpets he saith, Aha, And from afar he doth smell battle, Roaring of princes and shouting.

26 By thine understanding flieth a hawk? Spreadeth he his wings to the south?

27 At thy command goeth an eagle up high? Or lifteth he up his nest?

28 A rock he doth inhabit, Yea, he lodgeth on the tooth of a rock, and fortress.

29 From thence he hath sought food, To a far off place his eyes look attentively,

30 And his brood gulph up blood, And where the pierced [are] -- there [is] he!

40 And Jehovah doth answer Job, and saith: --

Is the striver with the Mighty instructed? The reprover of God, let him answer it.

And Job answereth Jehovah, and saith: --

Lo, I have been vile, What do I return to Thee? My hand I have placed on my mouth.

Once I have spoken, and I answer not, And twice, and I add not.

And Jehovah answereth Job out of the whirlwind, and saith: --

Gird, I pray thee, as a man, thy loins, I ask thee, and cause thou Me to know.

Dost thou also make void My judgment? Dost thou condemn Me, That thou mayest be righteous?

And an arm like God hast thou? And with a voice like Him dost thou thunder?

10 Put on, I pray thee, excellency and loftiness, Yea, honour and beauty put on.

11 Scatter abroad the wrath of thine anger, And see every proud one, and make him low.

12 See every proud one -- humble him, And tread down the wicked in their place.

13 Hide them in the dust together, Their faces bind in secret.

14 And even I -- I do praise thee, For thy right hand giveth salvation to thee.

15 Lo, I pray thee, Behemoth, that I made with thee: Grass as an ox he eateth.

16 Lo, I pray thee, his power [is] in his loins, And his strength in the muscles of his belly.

17 He doth bend his tail as a cedar, The sinews of his thighs are wrapped together,

18 His bones [are] tubes of brass, His bones [are] as a bar of iron.

19 He [is] a beginning of the ways of God, His Maker bringeth nigh his sword;

20 For food do mountains bear for him, And all the beasts of the field play there.

21 Under shades he lieth down, In a secret place of reed and mire.

22 Cover him do shades, [with] their shadow, Cover him do willows of the brook.

23 Lo, a flood oppresseth -- he doth not haste, He is confident though Jordan Doth come forth unto his mouth.

24 Before his eyes doth [one] take him, With snares doth [one] pierce the nose?

41 Dost thou draw leviathan with an angle? And with a rope thou lettest down -- his tongue?

Dost thou put a reed in his nose? And with a thorn pierce his jaw?

Doth he multiply unto thee supplications? Doth he speak unto thee tender things?

Doth he make a covenant with thee? Dost thou take him for a servant age-during?

Dost thou play with him as a bird? And dost thou bind him for thy damsels?

(Feast upon him do companions, They divide him among the merchants!)

Dost thou fill with barbed irons his skin? And with fish-spears his head?

Place on him thy hand, Remember the battle -- do not add!

Lo, the hope of him is found a liar, Also at his appearance is not one cast down?

10 None so fierce that he doth awake him, And who [is] he before Me stationeth himself?

11 Who hath brought before Me and I repay? Under the whole heavens it [is] mine.

12 I do not keep silent concerning his parts, And the matter of might, And the grace of his arrangement.

13 Who hath uncovered the face of his clothing? Within his double bridle who doth enter?

14 The doors of his face who hath opened? Round about his teeth [are] terrible.

15 A pride -- strong ones of shields, Shut up -- a close seal.

16 One unto another they draw nigh, And air doth not enter between them.

17 One unto another they adhere, They stick together and are not separated.

18 His sneezings cause light to shine, And his eyes [are] as the eyelids of the dawn.

19 Out of his mouth do flames go, sparks of fire escape.

20 Out of his nostrils goeth forth smoke, As a blown pot and reeds.

21 His breath setteth coals on fire, And a flame from his mouth goeth forth.

22 In his neck lodge doth strength, And before him doth grief exult.

23 The flakes of his flesh have adhered -- Firm upon him -- it is not moved.

24 His heart [is] firm as a stone, Yea, firm as the lower piece.

25 From his rising are the mighty afraid, From breakings they keep themselves free.

26 The sword of his overtaker standeth not, Spear -- dart -- and lance.

27 He reckoneth iron as straw, brass as rotten wood.

28 The son of the bow doth not cause him to flee, Turned by him into stubble are stones of the sling.

29 As stubble have darts been reckoned, And he laugheth at the shaking of a javelin.

30 Under him [are] sharp points of clay, He spreadeth gold on the mire.

31 He causeth to boil as a pot the deep, The sea he maketh as a pot of ointment.

32 After him he causeth a path to shine, One thinketh the deep to be hoary.

33 There is not on the earth his like, That is made without terror.

34 Every high thing he doth see, He [is] king over all sons of pride.

42 And Job answereth Jehovah and saith: --

Thou hast known that [for] all things Thou art able, And not withheld from Thee is [any] device:

`Who [is] this, hiding counsel without knowledge?' Therefore, I have declared, and understand not, Too wonderful for me, and I know not.

`Hear, I pray thee, and I -- I do speak, I ask thee, and cause thou me to know.'

By the hearing of the ear I heard Thee, And now mine eye hath seen Thee.

Therefore do I loathe [it], And I have repented on dust and ashes.

And it cometh to pass after Jehovah's speaking these words unto Job, that Jehovah saith unto Eliphaz the Temanite, `Burned hath Mine anger against thee, and against thy two friends, because ye have not spoken concerning Me rightly, like My servant Job.

And now, take to you seven bullocks and seven rams, and go ye unto My servant Job, and ye have caused a burnt-offering to ascend for you; and Job My servant doth pray for you, for surely his face I accept, so as not to do with you folly, because ye have not spoken concerning Me rightly, like My servant Job.

And they go -- Eliphaz the Temanite, and Bildad the Shuhite, Zophar the Naamathite -- and do as Jehovah hath spoken unto them; and Jehovah doth accept the face of Job.

10 And Jehovah hath turned [to] the captivity of Job in his praying for his friends, and Jehovah doth add [to] all that Job hath -- to double.

11 And come unto him do all his brethren, and all his sisters, and all his former acquaintances, and they eat bread with him in his house, and bemoan him, and comfort him concerning all the evil that Jehovah had brought upon him, and they gave to him each one kesitah, and each one ring of gold.

12 And Jehovah hath blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning, and he hath fourteen thousand of a flock, and six thousand camels, and a thousand pairs of oxen, and a thousand she-asses.

13 And he hath seven sons and three daughters;

14 and he calleth the name of the one Jemima, and the name of the second Kezia, and the name of the third Keren-Happuch.

15 And there have not been found women fair as the daughters of Job in all the land, and their father doth give to them an inheritance in the midst of their brethren.

16 And Job liveth after this a hundred and forty years, and seeth his sons, and his sons' sons, four generations;

17 and Job dieth, aged and satisfied [with] days.

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