“Flee(A) out of Babylon;(B)
    leave the land of the Babylonians,
    and be like the goats that lead the flock.
For I will stir(C) up and bring against Babylon
    an alliance of great nations(D) from the land of the north.(E)
They will take up their positions against her,
    and from the north she will be captured.(F)
Their arrows(G) will be like skilled warriors
    who do not return empty-handed.
10 So Babylonia[a] will be plundered;(H)
    all who plunder her will have their fill,”
declares the Lord.

11 “Because you rejoice and are glad,
    you who pillage my inheritance,(I)
because you frolic like a heifer(J) threshing grain
    and neigh like stallions,
12 your mother will be greatly ashamed;
    she who gave you birth will be disgraced.(K)
She will be the least of the nations—
    a wilderness, a dry land, a desert.(L)
13 Because of the Lord’s anger she will not be inhabited
    but will be completely desolate.(M)
All who pass Babylon will be appalled;(N)
    they will scoff(O) because of all her wounds.(P)

14 “Take up your positions around Babylon,
    all you who draw the bow.(Q)
Shoot at her! Spare no arrows,(R)
    for she has sinned against the Lord.
15 Shout(S) against her on every side!
    She surrenders, her towers fall,
    her walls(T) are torn down.
Since this is the vengeance(U) of the Lord,
    take vengeance on her;
    do to her(V) as she has done to others.(W)
16 Cut off from Babylon the sower,
    and the reaper with his sickle at harvest.
Because of the sword(X) of the oppressor
    let everyone return to their own people,(Y)
    let everyone flee to their own land.(Z)

17 “Israel is a scattered flock(AA)
    that lions(AB) have chased away.
The first to devour(AC) them
    was the king(AD) of Assyria;
the last to crush their bones(AE)
    was Nebuchadnezzar(AF) king(AG) of Babylon.”

18 Therefore this is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says:

“I will punish the king of Babylon and his land
    as I punished the king(AH) of Assyria.(AI)
19 But I will bring(AJ) Israel back to their own pasture,
    and they will graze on Carmel and Bashan;
their appetite will be satisfied(AK)
    on the hills(AL) of Ephraim and Gilead.(AM)
20 In those days, at that time,”
    declares the Lord,
“search will be made for Israel’s guilt,
    but there will be none,(AN)
and for the sins(AO) of Judah,
    but none will be found,
    for I will forgive(AP) the remnant(AQ) I spare.

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  1. Jeremiah 50:10 Or Chaldea

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