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Song of Praise for the Redeemed

12 In that day you will sing,[a]

    “I praise you, Lord Yahweh,
    for even though you were angry with me,
    your anger turned away,
    and now you tenderly comfort me.[b]
Behold—God is my salvation![c]
    I am confident, unafraid, and I will trust in you.”
    Yes! The Lord Yah is my might and my melody;
    he has become my salvation![d]
With triumphant joy you will drink deeply
    from the wells[e] of salvation.[f]
In that glorious day, you will say to one another,
    “Give thanks to the Lord and ask him for more![g]
    Tell the world about all that he does!
    Let them know how magnificent he is!”[h]
Sing praises to the Lord, for he has done marvelous wonders,
    and let his fame be known throughout the earth!
Give out a shout of cheer;
    sing for joy,[i] O people of Zion,
    for great and mighty is the Holy One of Israel
    who lives among you!


  1. Isaiah 12:1 Isaiah contains nine songs: the Song of Zion (Isa. 1–4), the Song of the Beloved and his vineyard (Isa. 5), the Song of Praise for the Redeemed (Isa. 12), the Song of the Strong City (Isa. 26:1-4), the Joyful Song of the Redeemed (Isa. 35:1-10), the New Song of the Lord (Isa. 42:10), the Song of Joy in Creation (Isa. 44:23), the Song of Salvation (Isa. 52:7-12), and the Song of the Suffering Savior (Isa. 53).
  2. Isaiah 12:1 Or, as a jussive (expression of desire), “May your anger be turned away and may you comfort me” (Masoretic Text).
  3. Isaiah 12:2 Or “the God who gives me triumph.” The Hebrew word for “salvation,” yĕshuw’ah, is found in Isaiah twenty-eight times and is very similar to the Hebrew name of Jesus: Yeshua. Redemption is God’s last word, not judgment. To know Jesus is to know the God of salvation.
  4. Isaiah 12:2 See Ex. 15:2; Ps. 118:14.
  5. Isaiah 12:3 Or “fountains,” “wells,” “springs,” or “streams” (LXX). The streams of salvation represent Jesus’ life in us. See Isa. 41:17-18; Jer. 2:13; 17:13; John 4:13-14; 7:37-39; Rev. 7:17. Through Christ, God’s sons and daughters are living wells of salvation, containers bringing the water of life to others.
  6. Isaiah 12:3 Or “the savior (yĕshuw’ah).”
  7. Isaiah 12:4 Or “call upon his name”; that is, invoke his name for help.
  8. Isaiah 12:4 Or “proclaim that his name is exalted.”
  9. Isaiah 12:6 See Ps. 47:1; Pss. 148–150.

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