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A New Day for God’s People

“Then I will ·give [restore to] the ·people of all nations [L nations] pure ·speech [L lips; C pure because they worship God instead of idols]
    so that all of them will ·speak [call on] the name of the Lord
    and worship me ·together [as one; side-by-side].
10 People will come from ·where the Nile River begins [L the rivers of Cush/Ethiopia];
    my worshipers, ·my scattered people [L the daughter of my dispersed ones] will come with ·gifts [offerings] for me.
11 ·Then [L On that day] Jerusalem will not be ashamed
    of the ·wrongs [rebellious deeds] done against me,
because I will remove from this city
    those who ·like to brag [arrogantly boast];
there will never be any more ·proud people [haughty]
    on my holy ·mountain in Jerusalem [L mountain; hill; C Zion, the location of the Temple].

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