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God entrusts prophets and priests to care for His people. Instead of teaching the people God’s truth, they ignore the law and prey on the ignorant and the defenseless.

Despite all this, the Eternal One is right there in her midst;
    nothing He does is wrong.
Every morning He delivers His judgment;
    He illuminates the right way to live.
Though, like the sun, He never fails to appear,
    it’s amazing that the lawbreakers aren’t ashamed of their actions.

Eternal One: I have totally destroyed the other nations.
        I crumbled their high towers to the ground.
    I emptied their streets, leaving no one to travel them.
        There is not one person, not one animal, no one in their decimated cities.
    I said to Myself, “Surely My people will honor Me.
        Surely they will listen to Me
    So they can save themselves and their city
        from all I warned them about and appointed for their benefit.”
    But no, they were even more eager to keep doing all the wrong things.

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