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In spite of that, the Lord is good to Jerusalem.
    He never does anything that is wrong.
Every morning he does what is fair.
    Each new day he does the right thing.
But those who do what is wrong
    aren’t even ashamed of it.

Jerusalem Remains Unrepentant

The Lord says to his people,

“I have destroyed other nations.
    I have wiped out their forts.
I have left their streets deserted.
    No one walks along them.
Their cities are destroyed.
    They are deserted and empty.
Here is what I thought about Jerusalem.
‘Surely you will have respect for me.
    Surely you will accept my warning.’
    Then the city you think is safe would not be destroyed.
And I would not have to punish you so much.
    But they still wanted to go on sinning
    in every way they could.

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