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Do it before ·it’s too late [L the decree takes effect],
    before ·you are blown away like chaff [or the day passes like chaff],
before the Lord’s ·terrible [fierce; burning] anger reaches you,
    before the day of the Lord’s anger comes to you.
·Come to [Seek] the Lord, all you who are ·not proud [humble; meek],
    who obey his ·laws [commands].
·Do what is right [Seek righteousness]. ·Learn [Seek] to be humble.
    Maybe you will ·escape [be protected; L be hidden]
on the day the Lord shows his anger.

Philistia Will Be Punished

·No one will be left in the city of Gaza [L Gaza will be abandoned; C Gaza sounds like Hebrew for “abandoned”; all four of these were cities in Philistia],
    and the city of Ashkelon will be ·destroyed [desolated; a heap of ruins].
Ashdod will be empty by noon,
    and the people of Ekron will be ·chased away [L uprooted; C Ekron sounds like Hebrew for “uprooted”].

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