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13 Then the Lord will ·turn [L stretch out his hand] against the north
    and destroy Assyria.
He will make Nineveh
    a ·ruin [desolation] as dry as a desert.
14 Flocks and herds will lie down there,
    and all ·wild animals [kinds of beasts].
The ·owls [horned owls; or pelicans] and ·crows [or screech owls; or hedgehogs] will sit
    on ·the stone pillars [her columns/capitals].
The owl will hoot through the windows,
    ·trash [rubble; devastation] will be in the ·doorways [thresholds],
    and the ·wooden boards [cedar work] of the buildings will be ·gone [or exposed].
15 This is the ·happy [boisterous; exultant] and ·safe [secure] city
    that ·thinks [L said in her heart] ·there is no one else as strong as it is [L “I am it, and there is no one besides me”].
But what a ruin it will be,
    a place where wild animals live.
All those who pass by will ·make fun [scoff; L hiss]
    and shake their fists.

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