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11 The Lord shall be horrible on them, and he shall make feeble all gods of earth; and men of their place shall worship him, all the isles of heathen men. (And so the Lord shall be terrible to them, or shall terrify them, and he shall make feeble, or shall bring down unto nothing, all the gods of the earth; and the people in the places there, shall worship him, yea, on all the islands of the heathen.)

12 But and ye, Ethiopians, shall be slain by my sword. (And ye Ethiopians shall also be killed by my sword.)

13 And he shall stretch forth his hand on the north, and shall lose Assur; and he shall put the fair city Nineveh into wilderness, and into without way, and as desert. (And he shall stretch out his hand over the north, and shall destroy Assyria; and he shall make the beautiful city of Nineveh into a wilderness, and without a way, and like a desert.)

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