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The Vision of the Four Chariots

Then I looked up and saw four chariots coming out from between two mountains! And the mountains were made of brass! Attached to the first chariot were red horses. Attached to the second chariot were black horses. Attached to the third chariot were white horses. Attached to the fourth chariot were speckled horses and gray[a] horses. In response, I asked the angel who had been talking with me, “Sir, what are these?”

The angel told me, “These are four heavenly spirits that are going out on patrol after having presented themselves to the Lord of the whole earth. The black horses are headed into the north country, and the white ones are headed out after them. The speckled horses are headed toward the south country.”

Then the gray horses went out. They were eager to go out on patrol throughout the earth, so the angel[b] said, “Go patrol the earth.” So they went out on patrol throughout the earth.

Then he called to me, “Look! The horses that went north have caused my spirit to rest in the north country.”

The Future Prosperity of the Branch

Then this message from the Lord came to me: 10 “Go take up an offering[c] from those who came out of[d] the Babylonian[e] exile, that is, from Heldai, from Tobijah, and from Jedaiah. Go along with them today into the house of Zephaniah’s son Josiah, who returned from Babylon. 11 Take silver and gold and fashion crowns to set upon the head of Joshua son of Johozadak, the High Priest. 12 Then tell him, ‘This is what the Lord of the Heavenly Armies says: “Here is the man whose name is The Branch.[f] He will branch out from where he is and will rebuild the Temple of the Lord. 13 Yes, he will indeed rebuild the Temple of the Lord, and he will exalt its majesty by sitting and ruling on his throne. He will serve as priest on his throne, and no contention[g] will exist between them. 14 The crowns will go to Helem, to Tobijah, to Jedaiah, and to Zephaniah’s son Hen, as a memorial in the Temple of the Lord. 15 Those who are now far away will come and do reconstruction work in the Temple of the Lord. Then you will know that the Lord of the Heavenly Armies has sent me to you. This will come about if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God.”’”


  1. Zechariah 6:3 Or strong
  2. Zechariah 6:7 Lit. he
  3. Zechariah 6:10 The Heb. lacks an offering
  4. Zechariah 6:10 The Heb. lacks those who came out of
  5. Zechariah 6:10 The Heb. lacks Babylonian
  6. Zechariah 6:12 i.e. Zerubbabel; cf. Zech 3:8
  7. Zechariah 6:13 Lit. and peaceful counsel