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See what kind of ahavah HaAv has given to us, that yeladim of Elohim we should be called. And so we are. Therefore, the Olam Hazeh does not have da’as of us, because it did not have da’as of Him.

Chaverim, now yeladim of Elohim we are, and not yet it is niglah (is revealed) what we will be. We have da’as that when He is niglah, like Him we will be, because we will see Him as He is. [TEHILLIM 17:15]

And everyone having this tikvah (hope) in Him keeps himself in tohorah (purification, keeps himself pure), even as that One is tahor. [TEHILLIM 18:26]

Everyone practicing chet also does averah, and chet is averah al HaTorah.

And you have da’as that that One niglah (is revealed) that chata’einu (our sins) He might take away [YESHAYAH 53:4,12], and chet in Him is not. [YESHAYAH 53:9]

Everyone making his maon in Him does not go on sinning; everyone sinning has not seen Him nor has had da’as of Him.

Yeladim, let no [navi sheker, 1Y 4:1] deceive you; the one practicing tzedek is tzodek, even as that One is Tzaddik.

The one practicing averos is of Hasatan, because from the beginning Hasatan sins. For this tachlis was made hisgalus of the Ben HaElohim, that he might destroy the pe’ulot Hasatan.

Everyone having been born of Hashem is not practicing chet, because His Zera makes maon in him, and he cannot abide sinning, because he is born of Hashem. [TEHILLIM 119:3]

10 By this is made hisgalus of the yeladim of Hashem and the yeladim of Hasatan: everyone not practicing tzedek is not of Hashem; also the one not having ahavah for his Ach b’Moshiach.

11 Because this is the divrei Torah which we heard from the beginning, that we have ahavah one for another,

12 Not as Kayin, who was of the evil one, and slaughtered the ach of him; and for what cause did he slaughter him? Because the ma’asim of him were ra’im and the ma’asim of the ach of him were ma’asei tzedek. [BERESHIS 4:8; TEHILLIM 38:20; MISHLE 29:10]

13 And, Achim b’Moshiach, do not marvel if the Olam Hazeh hates you.

14 We have da’as that we have made our histalkus (passing) out of Mavet into Chayyim, because we have ahavah for the Achim b’Moshiach; the one not having ahavah makes his ma’on in death.

15 Everyone hating his Ach b’Moshiach is a rotzeach (murderer). And you have da’as that every rotzeach does not have Chayyei Olam making a ma’on in him.

16 By this we have had da’as of ahavah, because that One on behalf of us laid down his nefesh [YESHAYAH 53:10]; and we ought, on behalf of the Achim b’Moshiach, to lay down our nefashot.

17 Now whoever has vital possessions of the Olam Hazeh and sees the Ach b’Moshiach of him being nitzrach (needy) and has no rachamim (mercy) on him [DEVARIM 15:7,8] and refuses gemilut Chesed, how does the ahavas Hashem make ma’on in him?

18 Yeladim, let us not have ahavah in dvar or in lashon but in ma’aseh and in Emes. [YECHEZKEL 33:31]

19 And by this we will have da’as that we are of HaEmes, and before Him we will persuade our levavot,

20 That if our levavot condemn us, Hashem is greater than our levavot, and He has da’as of all things.

21 Chaverim, if our levavot do not bring us under the gezar din (verdict) of ashem (guilty), we have bitachon before Hashem.

22 And whatever we request, we receive from Him, because we are shomer of His mitzvot and the things pleasing before Him we practice.

23 And this is the mitzvah of Him, that we have emunah b’Shem of the Ben HaElohim, Yehoshua, Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, and that we have ahavah one for another, as He gave mitzvah to us.

24 And the one being shomer of His mitzvot makes his ma’on in Him and He makes His ma’on in him; and by this we have da’as that He abides in us, by the Ruach Hakodesh whom He gave to us. [Yn 14:23,21; Ro 8:9,14,16]