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27 And the [Ruach Hakodesh] mishcha (anointing) which you received from Him makes its maon in you, and you are not nitzrach (needy) that anyone should be your "moreh," but as the same [Ruach Hakodesh] mishcha (anointing) teaches you concerning everything and is Emes and is not kazav (lie, falsehood), and as He taught you, keep your maon in Him. [YIRMEYAH 31:34]

28 And now, yeladim, remain in Him, that when He makes His hisgalus (revelation, unveiling appearance) we may have bitachon and not have bushah (shame) before Him at the Bi’as HaMoshiach.

29 If you have da’as that He is tzaddik, you have da’as that also everyone who is a po’el tzedek (worker of righteousness) has been born of Him.

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