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Yochanan 8:43-45 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

43 Why do you not understand my dvarim? Because you are not able to give obedient shemah (hearing) to my dvar.

44 You are from the Av of you, Hasatan [BERESHIS 3:4-5; TEHILLIM 58:4(3)], and the ta’avot of your Av you want to do, for that one was a rotze’ach from Bereshis, and he has not taken a stand in HaEmes, because HaEmes is not in him. When he speaks the sheker, he speaks naturally, because he is a shakran (liar) and the av of it. [Gn 3:4 2Ch 18:21; Ps 5:6; 12:2]

45 But because I speak HaEmes, you do not have bitachon (trust) in me.

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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