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Yochanan 8:42-44 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

42 He said to them, If Hashem were the Av of you, you would have had ahavah for me, for I came forth from Hashem, and now I am present here, for I have not come on my own, but HaAv sent me [Isa 55:11].

43 Why do you not understand my dvarim? Because you are not able to give obedient shemah (hearing) to my dvar.

44 You are from the Av of you, Hasatan [BERESHIS 3:4-5; TEHILLIM 58:4(3)], and the ta’avot of your Av you want to do, for that one was a rotze’ach from Bereshis, and he has not taken a stand in HaEmes, because HaEmes is not in him. When he speaks the sheker, he speaks naturally, because he is a shakran (liar) and the av of it. [Gn 3:4 2Ch 18:21; Ps 5:6; 12:2]

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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