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23 Therefore the chaiyalim (soldiers), when they hanged Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach on HaEtz, took his garments and divided them into arba’ah (four) parts, to each chaiyal (soldier) a part. They also took his kesones (VAYIKRA 16:4; TEHILLIM 110:4). Now the kesones was seamless, woven from the top in one piece.

24 Therefore, they said to one another, Let us not tear it but let us cast lots for it (ESTHER 3:7) to see whose it will be. They did this in order that the Kitvei Hakodesh might be fulfilled, that which says, YECHALKU VEGADAI LAHEM V’AL LEVUSHI YAPILU GORAL (They divide my garments among them and for my clothing they cast lots.) [TEHILLIM 22:19 (18), SHEMOT 28:32] Therefore the chaiyalim did these things.

25 But there had stood beside HaEtz (Tree) of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach his Em (Mother) and the achot (sister) of his Em, and Miryam the wife of Klofah, and Miryam from Magdala.

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