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15 And recently ye turned, and did hayashar (the right) in My sight, in proclaiming deror (liberty) every ish to his neighbor; and ye cut a Brit (covenant) before Me in the Beis which is called by Shmi;

16 But ye turned around and profaned Shmi, and caused every ish his eved, and every ish his shifchah, whom he had set at liberty at their desire, to return, and brought them into subjection, to be unto you for avadim and for shfakhot.

17 Therefore thus saith Hashem; Ye have not paid heed unto Me, in proclaiming deror (freedom), everyone to his brother, and every ish to his neighbor; hineni, I proclaim deror (“freedom”) for you, saith Hashem, to the cherev, to the dever, and to the ra’av; and I will make you to be a horror to all the mamlechot ha’aretz.

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