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22 The ruach shall eat up all thy ro’im (rulers), and thy lovers shall go into captivity [in the Golus]; surely then shalt thou be ashamed and humiliated because of all thy wickedness.

23 O inhabitant of the Levanon, that makest thy ken (nest) in the arazim (cedars), how shalt thou groan when chavalim (birth pangs) come upon thee, the pain as of a woman in travail!

24 As I live, saith Hashem, though Coniyahu [Yehoiakhin, Yechonyahu] Ben Y’hoyakim Melech Yehudah were the chotam (signet ring) upon Yad Yemini (My right Hand), yet would I pluck thee from there [2Kgs 23:33-34].

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