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10 For as the geshem cometh down, and the sheleg (snow) from Shomayim, and returneth not to there, but watereth ha’aretz, and maketh it yield forth v’hitzmicha (and sprout, spring up; Tzemach), that it may give zera to the zore’a (sower), and lechem to the eater;

11 So shall My Davar (the Word of Hashem) be that goeth forth out of My mouth; He shall not return unto Me reikam (empty, void) but He [the Davar Hashem, see Yn 1:1,14] shall do that which I please, and He [the Davar Hashem] shall accomplish the purpose whereto I sent Him.

12 For ye shall go out with simcha, and be led back with shalom; the harim and the geva’ot (hills) shall break forth into singing before you, and kol atzei hasadeh shall clap their hands.

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