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By Emunah we have binah Shomayim v’ha’Aretz found their "barah" from the Dvar Hashem, so that not from anything visible has what we see come into being. [TEHILLIM 33:6]

By Emunah Hevel (Abel) offered to Hashem a korban that was a mincha tovah than that of Kayin. Through this he was given approval that he was a tzaddik, Hashem bearing solemn eidus (testimony) to his matanot; and by his Emunah, Hevel, though niftar (deceased), still speaks.

By Emunah Chanoch was taken up, was translated, not to see mavet, V’EINENNU KI LAKACH OTO ELOHIM ("and he was not, because G-d took him [up]" Gn 5:24). Before Chanoch was raptured in his aliyah l’Shomayim, he received solemn eidus (testimony) that he had been pleasing to Hashem.

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