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22 Moreover the Devar Hashem came unto me, saying,

Now, thou ben adam, wilt thou judge, wilt thou judge the ir hadamim (bloody city)? V’hoda’tah (thou shalt show, make to know, arraign) her all her to’avot (abominations).

Then say thou, Thus saith Adonoi Hashem, The Ir has shefach dahm in the midst of it, that her time may come, and maketh gillulim (idols) against herself to make herself tameh (unclean).

Thou art become guilty by thy shefach dahm; and hast made thyself tameh in thine gillulim (idols) which thou hast made; and thou hast caused thy days to draw near, and art come even unto thy shanot (years); therefore have I made thee a cherpah unto the Goyim, and a kallasa (mockery, laughingstock) to all countries.

Those that be near, and those that be far from thee, shall mock at thee, which art tameh hashem (defiled, unclean of name, reputation) and much in turmoil.

Hinei, the nasi’im (rulers) of Yisroel, every one has used his zero’a (arm, power) for shefach dahm in thee.

In thee have they treated with contempt av and em in the midst of thee; they have dealt by oshek (oppression) with the ger (alien, proselyte); in thee have they mistreated the yatom and the almanah.

Thou hast despised Mine kadoshim, and hast profaned My Shabbatot.

In thee are anashim that slander to cause shefach dahm; and in thee are they who eat upon the harim; in the midst of thee they commit zimmah (lewdness).

10 In thee have they uncovered the ervat av (nakedness of their father, i.e., had incest with mother or stepmother), in thee have they raped her that had the teme’at haniddah (the uncleanness of the menstruation period).

11 And ish hath committed to’evah with his neighbor’s isha; and another hath lewdly made tameh his kallah (daughter-in-law); and another in thee hath raped his achot, his bat aviv.

12 In thee have they taken shochad (bribe) for shefach dahm; thou hast taken neshekh (usury) and tarbit (interest), and thou hast unjustly profited from thy neighbors by oshek (opression, extortion), and hast forgotten Me, saith Adonoi Hashem.

13 Hinei, therefore I have struck Mine palm at thy betza (dishonest gain) which thou hast made, and at thy bloodshed which hath been in the midst of thee.

14 Can thine lev stand firm, or can thine hands be strong, in the days that I shall deal with thee? I Hashem have spoken it, and will do it.

15 And I will scatter thee among the Goyim, and disperse thee throughout the countries, and will remove thy tum’a (uncleanness) out of thee.

16 And thou shalt defile thyself in the sight of the Goyim, and thou shalt know that I am Hashem.

17 And the Devar Hashem came unto me, saying,

18 Ben adam, Bais Yisroel is to Me become sig (dross, smelting waste product); all they are nechoshet, and bedil (tin), and barzel (iron), and oferet (lead), in the midst of the kur (furnace); they are even the siggim (drosses) of kesef.

19 Therefore thus saith Adonoi Hashem; because ye are all become siggim, hineni, therefore I will gather you into the midst of Yerushalayim.

20 As they gather kesef, and nechoshet, and barzel (iron), and oferet (lead), and bedil (tin), into the midst of the kur (furnace), to blow the eish upon the ore to melt it down; so will I gather you in Mine af (anger) and in My chemah (wrath), and I will position you there, and melt you down.

21 Indeed, I will gather you, and blow upon you in the eish of My evrah (wrath), and ye shall be melted down in the midst therof.

22 As kesef is melted down in the midst of the kur (furnace), so shall ye be melted down in the midst thereof; and ye shall know that I Hashem have poured out My chemah (wrath) upon you.

23 And the Devar Hashem came unto me, saying,

24 Ben adam, say unto her, Thou art eretz that is not metoharah (cleansed), nor rained upon in the Yom Za’am (Day of Indignation).

25 There is a kesher of her nevi’im in the midst thereof, like a roaring ari (lion) tearing the prey; they have devoured nefesh; they have taken the khosen (treasure, wealth) and precious things; they have made her many almanot (widows) in the midst thereof.

26 Her kohanim have done violence to My torah, and have profaned Mine kadoshim; they have put no difference between the kodesh and chol (common, profane), neither have they made a distinction between the tameh and the tahor, and have hid their eynayim from My Shabbatot, and I am profaned among them.

27 Her sarim in the midst thereof are like ze’evim (wolves) tearing the prey, to do shefach dahm, and to destroy nefashot, to get betza (dishonest gain).

28 And her nevi’im have plastered them with [dissolving] mud plaster, seeing vain visions, and divining kazav (lies) unto them, saying, Thus saith Adonoi Hashem, when Hashem hath not spoken.

29 The am ha’aretz have used oshek (oppression, extortion) and commmitted gazel (robbery), and have mistreated the oni and evyon; indeed, they have treated the ger without mishpat (justice).

30 And I sought for an ish among them, that should repair the gader (fence), and stand in the peretz (gap, breach) before Me on behalf of ha’aretz, that it might not be destroyed; but I found none.

31 Therefore have I poured out Mine za’am (indignation, rage) upon them; I have consumed them with the eish of My evrah (wrath); their own derech have I brought back upon their rosh, saith Adonoi Hashem.