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But let the Ach b’Moshiach of shiflut (lowliness) glory in the da’as that Hashem will exalt him.

10 And let the Ach b’Moshiach who has osher (riches) glory in his bizyoinos (humiliation), in the da’as that Hashem will bring him low, because KOL HABASAR KHATZIR ("All flesh is grass," YESHAYAH 40:6,7) and so he likewise will vanish. [IYOV 14:2; TEHILLIM 103:15,16]

11 For the shemesh (sun) rises with its burning heat and dried the grass and its TZITZ NAVEL ("flower blossom falls" YESHAYAH 40:6-8) And the beauty of its appearance perished, so also the “oisher” (rich man) in his goings will fade away. [TEHILLIM 102:4,11]

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