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10 This wisdom of God kept him, that was formed first of God, the father of the world, when he alone was made (out) of nought. And this wisdom led him out of his trespass, and led him [or brought him] out of the slime of the earth,

and gave to him virtue (or power) to hold together all things, that is, gave to him the lordship over all lower things.

As the unjust man in his ire went away from this wisdom, brotherhood perished by the ire of man-quelling. [From this as the unrightwise went away in his wrath, by the wrath of manslaughter perished fraternity.]

For which thing when the water did away the earth, wisdom healed (it) again; governing a just [or the rightwise] man by a despisable tree.

This wisdom also in the consent of pride, when nations had raised themselves, knew a just man [or knew the rightwise], and kept (him) without (com)plaint [or blame] to God; and this wisdom kept strong mercy in sons.

And it delivered a just man fleeing from wicked men perishing, when fire came down into the place of five cities. [This the rightwise from the perishing unpious men delivered fleeing, fire descended into the regions of five cities.]

For which wicked men the land smoking is made desert, into witnessing of waywardness, [or shrewdness, (or depravity)], and trees having fruits in uncertain time; and the mind of an unbelieveful soul standing an image of salt.

For why men passing (by, or ignoring) wisdom, not only fell in this, that they knew not goods [or (the) good things], but also they left to men the mind of their unwisdom, (so) that in these sins, which they did, they might not be hid.

Forsooth wisdom delivered them from sorrows, that keep it.

10 Soothly this wisdom led forth a just man by rightful ways, that fled from the ire of his brother; and it showed him the realm of God, and gave to him the cunning (or the knowing) of saints; it made him honest (or rich) in travails, and fulfilled his travails. [This forsooth the far fugitive, or fleeing rightwise from the wrath of the brother, led away by right ways; and showed to him the kingdom of God, and gave to him the cunning of saints; it honested him in travails, and fulfilled the travails of him.]

11 It helped him in the fraud of deceivers, and made him honest, (or honourable, or rich). [In the guile of the men coming about to him, it was nigh, and honest, (or honourable, or rich) made him.]

12 It kept him from (his) enemies, and defended him from deceivers; and it gave to him a strong battle, (so) that he should overcome, and know, that wisdom is the mightiest of all.

13 This wisdom forsook not the just [or rightwise] man (when he was) sold, that is Joseph, when his brothers sold him to men of Ishmael, but delivered him from (the) sinners; and it went down with him into a ditch, that is, (in)to the prison of the king of Egypt;

14 and it forsook not him in bonds, till it brought to him the sceptre of the realm, and power against them that oppressed him; and it showed them (to be) liars, that defouled him, and it gave to him everlasting clearness (or glory).

15 This wisdom delivered a just people, and wholly without (com)plaint, from (the) nations that oppressed it. [This the rightwise people, and wholly without blame, delivered from nations, that it oppressed.]

16 It entered into the soul of God’s servant, and he stood against hideous kings, in great wonders and miracles [or in great wonders and signs].

17 And it yielded to (the) just men the meed of their travails, and led them forth in a wonderful way; and it was to them in (a) covering of the day, and in the light of stars by night. [And it yielded to the rightwise men the mead of their travails, and brought them thence in a marvellous way; and it was to them in the covering of the day, and in light of stars by the night.]

18 And it translated, either led over, them through the Reed Sea (or the Red Sea); and bare them over through full much water. [And he bare them over through the Red Sea; and he over-carried them through full much water.]

19 But it drenched (or drowned) down the enemies of them into the sea; and led them out from the depth of hells, that is, from the bottom of the sea. [The enemies forsooth of them he drenched in the sea; and from the deepness of hell he led them out.]

20 Therefore just men take away the spoils of wicked men; and, Lord, they magnified in song thine holy name, and praised together thine hand, (their) overcomer. [Therefore rightwise men took away the spoils of unpious men; and highly sung, Lord, thine holy name, and thine hand (their) overcomer they praised (al)together.]

21 For why wisdom opened the mouth of dumb men, and made the tongues of young children not speaking to be wise [or (to be) fair speaking].