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Wat Jesus Show John 8 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Baby Sheep Guy Open Da Numba Seven Seal

Wen da Baby Sheep Guy wen go open da numba seven seal, neva had no noise inside da sky fo bout half hour. Den I wen see da seven angel guys dat stand in front God all da time, an he wen give um seven trumpet.

Anodda angel guy wen go stand in front da altar place. He get one gold pan fo burn da incense. He wen get plenny incense fo put togedda wit all da prayers from da peopo dat stay spesho fo God. He put da incense on top da gold kine altar in front Godʼs throne, fo give um to him. Da smoke from da incense dat stay burning, wen go up to God from da pan dat da angel guy stay hold. An all da prayers from da peopo dat stay spesho fo God wen go up to God too, wit da smoke. Den da angel guy wen take da incense pan, fill um up wit da red hot coals an da fire from da altar, an throw um all down on top da groun. Den had thunder an big noise, da lightning wen flash, an da earth wen shake.

Da Seven Trumpet

Den da seven angel guys dat get seven trumpet wen get ready fo blow um.

Da first angel guy wen blow his trumpet. An had ice jalike da rain, an fire dat stay mix wit blood, come down real hard on top da earth. An thirty-three percent da earth, da trees, an all da grass wen burn up!

Da Numba Two Trumpet

Da numba two angel guy wen blow his trumpet. Den someting dat wen look jalike one big mountain dat stay burning wen fall down inside da sea. An thirty-three percent da sea wen come blood. Thirty-three percent da tings dat stay alive inside da sea, dey wen all mahke. An thirty-three percent all kine boats wen all broke up.

Da Numba Three Trumpet

10 Den da numba three angel guy wen blow his trumpet. An one big star dat stay burning jalike one torch, wen fall down from da sky on top thirty-three percent da rivers an da pukas fo water. 11 Da star, dey call um “Bitta Taste.” Thirty-three percent all da water wen come bitta, an plenny peopo wen drink um an mahke, cuz da water wen come bitta.

Da Numba Four Trumpet

12 Da numba four angel guy wen blow his trumpet, an someting wen hit thirty-three percent da sun, thirty-three percent da moon, an thirty-three percent da stars, an dey wen come dark. Da day time, thirty-three percent mo dark, an da nite time, thirty-three percent mo dark.

13 Den, jalike one dream, I wen look an hear one eagle dat stay flying high in da sky. An wit one loud voice he say, “Auwe! Auwe! Auwe! Goin be real bad fo everybody dat stay alive on top da earth wen da odda three angel guys goin blow dea trumpet!”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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