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Wat Jesus Show John 6 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Baby Sheep Guy Broke Open Da Numba One Seal

Den, jalike one dream, I wen see da Baby Sheep Guy broke open da numba one seal from da seven seals on top da paper. Den I wen hear one a da four tings dat stay alive talk wit one loud voice dat sound jalike thunder. He tell, “Start now awready!” Den, eh! I wen look an see one white horse. Had one guy on top um wit one bow fo shoot arrow. He wen get one crown. An he wen go out jalike one army guy fo fight an win agains da guys dat hate him.

Da Numba Two Seal

Den da Baby Sheep Guy wen broke open da numba two seal. An I wen hear da numba two ting dat stay alive, he tell, “Go awready!” Den one nodda horse wen come out. Dat horse was red jalike fire. Da guy dat sit on top um get da power fo make da peopo all ova da world no stay good wit each odda, so dey fight an kill each odda. He get one real big sword.

Da Numba Three Seal

Den da Baby Sheep Guy wen broke open da numba three seal. An I wen hear da numba three ting dat stay alive tell, “Go awready!” I wen look, an had one black horse, an da guy on top um get one scale fo weigh stuff inside his hand. Den I wen hear someting dat sound jalike one voice dat stay come from da four tings dat stay alive. Da voice say, “No goin get nuff food! Two pound wheat flour cost one dayʼs pay, an six pound barley flour cost one dayʼs pay. But no mess up da oil from da olive trees o da wine from da grape vines!”

Da Numba Four Seal

Den da Baby Sheep Guy wen broke open da numba four seal. An I wen hear da numba four ting dat stay alive say, “Go awready!” I wen look, an eh! Had one nodda horse. Look jalike ready fo mahke kine color! Da guy dat stay ride on top um name Mahke Die Dead, an da boss fo da Mahke Peopoʼs Place wen follow behind him. Dey get da power fo wipe out bout one quarta a da peopo inside da world cuz get war, cuz no mo food, cuz everybody sick, an cuz da wild animals kill um.

Da Numba Five Seal

Den da Baby Sheep Guy wen broke open da numba five seal. An by da altar place I wen see all da spirits, da one da bad guys wen kill cuz dey Godʼs peopo, an dey wen tell wat God wen say, an dass was da trut. 10 Da spirits wen talk loud, an say, “Eh Boss, you get all da power! You spesho, an you tell da trut! How long mo we gotta wait till you come fo judge all da peopo hea on top da earth an punish dem? Cuz dey wen kill all us guys!”

11 Den God wen give all da spirits white robe fo put on. An he wen tell um, “Rest an wait litto bit moa. Cuz yoa bruddas, dey still stay working fo me jalike you guys was. Da bad guys goin kill dem too jalike dey wen kill you guys. Den da time goin come fo punish da bad guys.”

Da Numba Six Seal

12 An jalike one dream, I wen watch wen da Baby Sheep Guy wen broke open da numba six seal on top da paper. Right den an dea da earth wen shake real hard all ova! Da sun wen come real dark, an da moon wen come red jalike blood. 13 An da stars wen fall down from da sky to da earth, jalike da fig kine fruit dat not ripe yet fall down from da tree wen da strong wind shake um real hard. 14 Da sky wen move away, jalike wen you roll up one paper! All da mountains an all da islands wen move to diffren place. 15 Den everybody all ova da world, da king guys, da odda leadas, da army bosses, da rich peopo, da guys dat get power, an all da slave guys, an da guys dat not slaves, dey all wen go hide inside da caves, an unda da rocks on top da mountains. 16 Dey wen yell to da mountain an da rock, “Fall down on top us an hide us, so dat God who stay sit on top da throne, he no can see us! Hide us from da Baby Sheep Guy, cuz he no take da bad kine stuff we stay doing! 17 Cuz da time stay come awready wen dey goin punish us. Auwe! Fo shua, no mo nobody goin come out alive!”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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