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Wat Jesus Show John 4 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Inside Da Sky, Dey Show Love An Respeck Fo God

An afta dat I wen look, an I wen see someting jalike one dream. An I wen see one open door inside da sky. An I hear da same voice I wen hear befo time, dat sound jalike one trumpet. He was talking to me, an he say, “Eh, come up hea! I show you wass gotta happen bumbye.”

Right den an dea, Godʼs Spirit wen take charge a me. In front me, up dea inside da sky, had one throne, an somebody was sitting on top da throne. Da One dat sit dea get strong light dat come from him, jalike da light dat come from da jasper stone an da red carnelian stone! An aroun him had one rainbow dat look jalike da green emerald.

Aroun da throne had twenty-four odda thrones, an twenty-four older leadas sitting on top dem. Dey had white clotheses on, an had da gold kine crown on top dea heads. Outa da throne da lightning was flashing, an thunder making big noise. In front da throne had seven torches dat stay burn real bright, an dass da seven spirits dat come from God. In front da throne wen look jalike one pond dat you can see thru, jalike da glass. In da middle, aroun da throne, had four tings dat stay alive, an dey get eyes all ova da front an back.

Da first one dat stay alive wen look jalike one lion, da nex one look jalike one boy kine cow, numba three get one face jalike us, an da last one look jalike one eagle dat stay flying. Da four tings dat stay alive, dey all get six wings, an day get eyes all ova, even unda dea wings. Dey no stop singing all day an all nite. Dey sing like dis:

“Da Good Boss, he Spesho! Real Spesho!
He da God Dat Get All Da Power!
    He da One wen stay from befo time,
    An stay now,
    An goin stay afta!”

God da One dat sit on top da throne, an stay alive foeva an eva. Da four tings dat stay alive, dey show respeck fo him, an tell him “Mahalo plenny!” an tell um how awesome he stay. 10 Everytime da twenty-four older leadas go down in front God dat sit on top da throne, an show love an respeck fo him. He da One dat stay alive foeva an eva. Dey put dea crowns down in front his throne, an sing lidis:

11 “You our Boss an our God!
    You stay so spesho dat you get da right
Fo get everybody fo tell dat you stay awesome
    An show respeck fo you,
    An let you take charge dea power.
Cuz you wen make everyting
    Fo be how you like.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Copyright © 2000 by Wycliffe Bible Translators International. All rights reserved


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