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Wat Jesus Show John 21 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

New An Diffren Kine Earth An Sky

21 Den, jalike one dream, I wen see one new kine earth an one new kine sky. Cuz da first earth an da first sky wen pau, an no mo sea. An I see da new Jerusalem, da town dat stay spesho fo God, coming down from God in da sky, jalike one lady dat get nice dress, all ready fo meet an marry her husban. An I wen hear one loud voice coming from da throne dat say,

“Now God make house wit da peopo.
An he goin live wit dem.
Dey goin be his peopo,
    An God goin stay dea wit dem fo real,
    An be dea God.
God goin wipe away all da tears from dea eye.
Nobody goin mahke no moa.
Nobody goin stay sore inside,
    O cry, o suffa,
Cuz da way tings wen happen befo,
    All dat goin pau.”

Da One dat sit on top da throne wen say, “I stay make everyting all new.” Den he say, “Write dis down, cuz wat I say, dis true, an you can trus um.”

Den he tell me, “Everyting pau! I everyting, from first to last, A to Z. Whoeva stay thirsty, I goin give um water fo drink from da puka fo da water dat make peopo get life fo real kine, an no need pay. Whoeva fight an win ova da bad kine stuff, dey goin get all dat stuff. I goin be dea God, an dey goin be my kids.”

But da peopo dat no do notting cuz dey scared, da peopo dat no trus, dat ack pilau kine, dat kill oddas, dat fool aroun, dat make kahuna, dat go down an pray to da idol kine gods, an everybody dat bulai, dey goin go inside da sulfur lake dat stay burning. Dass wen dey mahke da second time.

Da New Kine Jerusalem Town

Den, da seven angel messenja guys dat get seven bowl full a da seven big kine trouble dat goin come at da end a da world, one a dem angel guys wen come an tell me, “Come ova hea. I goin show you da lady dat goin be da wife fo Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy.” 10 An Godʼs Spirit wen take charge a me, an da angel wen take me to one big an high mountain, an show me Jerusalem, da town dat stay spesho fo God, coming down from God in da sky. 11 Was awesome, an wen shine cuz God stay dea. Da light from da town wen shine jalike one jewel stone dat cost plenny, jalike one diamond, an you can see thru um jalike da crystal. 12 Had one big, high wall wit twelve gate, an one angel guy by each gate. On top da gates wen stay write da names fo da twelve ohana fo da Israel peopo. 13 Had three gate on da east side, three gate on da nort side, three gate on da sout side, an three gate on da west side. 14 Da wall fo da big town wen get twelve big kine stone block fo da foundation. On top had da names fo da twelve guys dat Jesus wen send all ova fo tell peopo bout Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy.

15 Da angel guy dat wen talk wit me get one gold kine stick fo find out how long an wide da town, da gate, an da wall. 16 Da town stay jalike one square, same wide an same long. Da angel guy go measure wit da stick how big da town, an he wen find out was 1,500 mile. Get same wide, one side to da odda, an same high all aroun. 17 He measure da wall, an find out was 216 feet high, jalike how da way da peopo measure um, cuz da angel guy wen measure um lidat. 18 Dey make da wall from diamond, an da town from solid gold dat look jalike glass dat you can see thru.

19 Da foundation fo da town get all kine jewel stones dat cost plenny all ova. Da first foundation had diamond kine stone, da second one blue kine sapphire stone, da nex one red kine agate stone, da nex one green kine emerald stone, 20 da nex one white kine onyx stone, da nex one red kine carnelian stone, da nex one yellow-green kine peridot stone, da nex one blue-green kine beryl stone, da nex one yellow kine topaz stone, da nex one green kine chrysofrase stone, da nex one red-orange kine zircon stone, an da last foundation purple kine amethys stone. 21 Da twelve gate, dass was twelve pearl. Every gate was one big pearl. Da streets inside da big town was solid gold dat you can see thru, jalike da glass.

22 I neva see one temple inside da town, cuz da Boss dass da God Who Get All Da Power, an Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy, dey da temple! 23 Da town no need da sun o da moon fo shine on top um, cuz God stay awesome, an Godʼs light shine on top um, an Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy jalike da lamp. 24 All da diffren peopos all ova da world goin walk aroun inside da light ova dea. Da kings from all ova da world goin bring all dea awesome stuff inside Godʼs big town. 25 Day time dey no goin eva shut da gates inside da town. An you know wat? No mo nite time dea! 26 All da diffren peopos all ova da world goin bring all dea awesome stuff dat cost plenny inside Godʼs big town. 27 But da kine stuff dat make peopo so dey no can pray no can go inside da town, an da peopo dat do shame kine stuff an bulai, dey no can go inside dea. Ony da peopo dat Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy get dea names inside his Book, Da Book Dat Tell Who Get Godʼs Kine Life, dey can go inside Godʼs big town.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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