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Wat Jesus Show John 20 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Tousand Year Time

20 Den, jalike one dream, I wen spock one angel messenja guy coming down outa da sky. He get da key fo da Deep Dark Hole, an one big heavy chain in his hand. He wen grab da Dragon, da one dat wen stay from befo time. Dass da Devil, an dey call him Satan too. An da angel wen lock up da Devil wit da chain, an he stay dea fo one tousand years. Da angel wen throw da Dragon inside da Deep Dark Hole an lock um, an seal um fo make um stay inside. Den da Dragon no can bulai da diffren peopos all ova da world fo da tousand years. Afta dat, dey gotta let um go fo litto wile.

Den I spock plenny throne. On top get da peopo dat God wen give da power fo come judges. Dey da one dat wen tell bout Jesus, an tell wat God wen say, an odda peopo wen cut off dea heads cuz a dat. An I see how dey stay inside. Dey neva show love an respeck fo da Wild Animal o his statue, an dey neva get his mark on top dea forehead o dea hand. Dey wen come back alive again, an dey stay in charge wit Godʼs Spesho Guy, da King, fo da tousand years.

Dass da first time God bring back da mahke guys alive. Da odda mahke guys, dey neva come back alive again till afta da tousand years. Da peopo dat God wen bring back alive again da first time, dey all out fo God, an dey stay good inside. Dey no goin mahke da second time. Dey goin work fo God an Godʼs Spesho Guy Christ. Dey goin be jalike priest guys, an dey goin be kings an queens wit him one tousand years.

Da Devil Get Wipe Out

Wen da tousand years pau, dey goin let da Devil go outa da jail. Den da Devil goin go out fo bulai all da diffren peopos all ova da world. Dass da Gog an Magog peopo. He goin bring um all togedda fo fight. Dey so plenny -- jalike all da sand on top da beach. Dey wen march da odda side a da earth, an make one big circle aroun da peopo dat stay spesho fo God inside dea town. Dass da peopo God get love an aloha fo. But God wen send big fire from da sky on top da odda peopo, an dey wen get wipe out. 10 Den God wen throw da Devil dat wen bulai dem, inside da lake dat burn wit sulfur. Dass wea befo time God wen throw da Wild Animal an da guy dat say he one talka fo God, but he not. Dey goin suffa day time an nite time foeva an eva.

Da Judge Sit Down On Top Da White Throne

11 Den, jalike one dream, I spock one big white throne, an da One dat sit on top um was Christ. Da earth an da sky wen go way from him, an nobody eva see dem no moa.

12 An I see all da big an litto mahke guys, standing in front da throne. An da angel guys wen open da books. Den dey open anodda book, da one dat tell everybody dat get Godʼs kine life. Den da Judge wen check out wat everybody wen do, jalike da book say. 13 Den da peopo dat wen mahke inside da ocean wen come up an go in front da Judge. An da mahke guys dat stay inside da Mahke Peopoʼs Place, dey wen come up too. Den God wen check um all out an judge um, fo all da stuff dey wen do.

14 Den God wen throw guy dat stay in charge a da Mahke Peopoʼs Place, inside da lake dat stay burning. An he wen throw da guy dat make um mahke inside dea too. Dat lake, dass wea da peopo goin mahke da second time. 15 Everybody dat no mo dea name inside Da Book Dat Tell Who Get Godʼs Kine Life, God wen throw um inside da lake dat stay burning.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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