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Wat Jesus Show John 17 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Wahine Dat Fool Aroun Fo Money An Da Wild Animal

17 Den, jalike one dream, one a da seven angel messenja guys dat get da seven bowl wen come tell me, “Come. I show you how God goin punish da big wahine dat fool aroun fo money, dat get her throne near da big ocean. Da kings all ova da world wen fool aroun wit her. An da peopo dat live inside da world, she make um do any kine, jalike she make um come real drunk, cuz dey fool aroun wit her.”

Den Godʼs Spirit wen take charge me, an da angel guy wen take me inside da boonies.

Ova dea, jalike one dream, I see one wahine sitting on top one red wild animal. Dat animal get names all ova him dat talk stink bout God, an get seven head an ten horn. Da wahine had on purple an red clotheses, an had all kine gold dat shine, an fancy kine jewelry, an pearls. She get one gold wine cup in her hand dat stay full a all kine pilau kine stuff, an da bad kine stuff dat show she fool aroun. Da wahine get one sign on top her forehead wit her name, dat nobody know befo:

“Babylon, da Big Town
Da Mudda fo All da Wahines Dat Fool Aroun
Da Mudda Fo All da Peopo All Ova da World Dat Do Da Real Bad Kine Stuff.”

An I wen see, jalike one dream, dat da wahine stay high cuz she wen kill plenny peopo dat stay spesho fo God, an drink dea blood. Dass all da ones dat wen bleed an mahke cuz dey tell bout Jesus.

Wen I wen spock da wahine, wen blow my mind. Da angel messenja guy tell me, “Eh, how come dat blow yoa mind? I goin tell you da secret bout da wahine dat ride on top da Wild Animal dat get seven head an ten horn.

“Da Wild Animal dat you wen see, he wen stay befo time, an he no stay now. But he goin come outa da Deep Dark Hole, an den he goin get wipe out. Get da peopo dat no mo dea name inside da Book Dat Tell Who Get Godʼs Kine Life from da time wen God wen make da world. Dose peopo, goin blow dea minds wen dey spock da Wild Animal. Cuz he wen stay befo, an he no stay now, but he goin come back.

“Fo dis, you gotta tink real hard an stay sharp. Da seven head, dass jalike one picha fo da seven hill wea da wahine get her throne, an dey seven kings too. 10 Five kings wen fall down awready, one king stay now, an one king neva come still yet. But wen he come, he goin stay ony litto wile. 11 Da Wild Animal dat wen stay befo, an no stay now, dass da numba eight king. He come from da seven kings, an he goin be wipe out.

12 “Da ten horn you wen see, dey ten kings dat no mo power fo be king still yet. But dey goin get power fo come king fo one hour togedda wit da Wild Animal. 13 Dey get ony one ting dey like do: dey goin give dea power an dea right fo come king to da Wild Animal. 14 Dey goin make war an fight agains Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy. But he goin win agains dem, cuz he da Boss ova all da bosses an da King ova all da kings! All da peopo dat Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy wen pick an tell dem fo come be his guys, dey do wat dey say dey goin do, an dey goin stay wit him.”

15 Den da angel messenja guy tell me, “Da big ocean you wen see, wea da wahine dat fool aroun get her throne, dass peopos, nations, countries, an languages. 16 Da Wild Animal an da ten horn you wen see, dey goin hate da wahine dat fool aroun, an take away everyting she get, an leave her wit notting, not even clotheses. Dey goin eat her an burn her wit fire. 17 Cuz God wen make dem guys tink how he like. Az why dem guys goin give da Wild Animal dea power fo come king. Dey get dat power till everyting God wen say come true. 18 Da wahine you wen see, dass da big town wea da big king stay dat get power ova all da odda kings inside da world.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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