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Wat Jesus Show John 14 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy An His Peopo

14 Den I wen look, an jalike one dream, right dea in front me I see da One dat was jalike Godʼs Baby Sheep. He stay standing on top Mount Zion, an wit him was 144,000 peopo dat get Godʼs Baby Sheepʼs name an his Faddaʼs name on top dea forehead. Afta dat I wen hear one big noise come from da sky, jalike wen plenny water pound, an jalike da thunder. Da sound I wen hear, jalike peopo playing plenny guitars. Dey wen sing one new song in front da throne, an in front da four tings dat stay alive, an da older leadas. No mo nobody can learn da song, ony da 144,000 peopo on top da earth dat God wen pay da price fo get um back fo himself, dey can learn um.

Dey da guys dat neva make demself pilau, but dey stay clean, cuz dey neva fool aroun da wahines. Every place Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy go, dey go wit him. God wen pay da price fo cut dem loose from da bad kine stuff, from all da peopo on top da earth. Dey da first peopo dat give demself to God an his Baby Sheep Guy, jalike one gif. No mo nobody can tell dat dey bulai. No can poin finga dem.

Three Angel Messenja Guys

Den I wen see anodda angel messenja guy, jalike one dream, flying up dea. An he get Good Stuff From God dat stay foeva fo tell everybody dat stay on top da earth: all da diffren countries, an ohanas, an languages, an peopos. Da angel talk wit one loud voice, an say, “Give respeck fo God an tell how awesome he stay! Cuz da time stay now wen he goin come da Judge fo everybody. Give love an respeck to da One dat wen make da sky, da earth, da ocean, an da pukas wea get water.”

Den I wen see da numba two angel messenja guy come, an he tell, “Babylon, da Big Town, wen wipe out! Cuz da Babylon peopo wen ack jalike one wahine dat make all da diffren peopos drink her kine wine, an dat make dem all go pupule an ony like fool aroun.”

Den da numba three angel messenja guy wen come afta dat, an tell wit one loud voice, “Get peopo dat go down an pray in front da Wild Animal an his statue. An get peopo dat get his mark on top dea forehead o dea hand. 10 God come real huhu an no take da bad kine stuff dose peopo stay doing. He goin make dose peopo suffa real bad from da burning sulfur, in front Godʼs spesho angel guys an Godʼs Baby Sheep Guy. Dass jalike wen one guy make anodda guy drink too much real strong wine, fo make um come real drunk. 11 Da smoke from da fire wea dey stay suffa goin go up in da sky foeva an eva. Everybody dat go down an pray in front da Wild Animal an his statue, o get da mark fo his name on top dem, dey no goin rest day time o nite time, eva!”

12 Dat mean, da peopo dat stay spesho fo God gotta hang in dea. Dey da ones dat listen to God, an stay trus Jesus.

13 Den I hear one voice from da sky tell, “Write dis: From now, everybody dat trus da Boss Up Dea, dey goin stay good inside wen dey mahke.”

Godʼs Spirit say, “Yeah! Dey goin rest from all dea hard work, an everybody goin know da good stuff dey wen do.”

Time Fo Bring In Da Grapes

14 Den I wen look, an jalike one dream, in front me had one white cloud. Had one guy sitting on top da cloud dat look jalike us. He da Guy Dass fo Real. He get one gold kine crown on top his head, an one sharp sickle in his hand.

15 Den anodda angel messenja guy wen come outa da temple, an wit one loud voice he tell da One dat stay sitting on top da cloud, “Now cut da grapes wit yoa sickle, cuz az da right time now. Da grapes inside da fields all ova da world stay ready fo cut.”

16 Da One dat stay sitting on top da cloud wen swing his sickle ova da earth, an wen bring in all da grapes.

17 Den I wen see one nodda angel messenja guy come outa da temple inside da sky, an he get one sharp sickle too. 18 An had one nodda angel messenja guy dat stay in charge a da fire. He wen come from da altar, an wit one loud voice he tell da angel dat get da sickle, “Now cut da grapes from da grape fields all ova da world wit yoa sickle, cuz dey stay ready now.”

19 So, jalike one dream, da angel guy wen swing his sickle ova da earth. Den he wen bring in da grapes, an throw um inside da puka wea dey smash um. Dat show dat God no take da bad kine stuff da peopo do. 20 Dey wen smash da grapes inside da wine puka outside da big town, an blood wen come outa da puka dat was so plenny, was two hundred miles long an five feet deep.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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