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Wat Jesus Show John 10 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Angel Messenja Guy An Da Small Paper

10 Den, jalike one dream, I wen see anodda angel guy dat get plenny power, coming down from da sky. He get one cloud fo his clotheses, an one rainbow aroun his head. His face jalike da sun, an his legs jalike fire. Da angel guy stay hold one small paper in his hand dat stay open. He put his right feet on top da sea, an his left feet on top da land. He make big noise, jalike da lion. Afta dat, da thunder make big noise seven times. Afta da thunder make noise, I wen start fo write. But I wen hear one voice from da sky dat say, “No write down wat da thunder wen tell. Dass one secret.”

Den da angel guy dat I wen see, da one dat stay standing on top da sea an da land, he wen raise his right hand to da sky. Da angel guy wen make one strong promise fo God, who stay live foeva an eva, who wen make da sky an da world, an da sea, an everyting dat stay inside um. Da angel guy wen promise, “Dis stay true: God no goin wait no moa! Time awready!” Wen da numba seven angel guy stay ready fo blow his trumpet, den God goin do da secret ting jalike he wen plan, jalike da Good Stuff From Him say, dat he wen tell da guys dat wen work fo him an talk fo him befo time.

Den da same voice dat I wen hear befo from da sky, dat voice tell me, “Go, take da paper dat stay open inside da angel guy hand, da one dat stay standing on top da sea an da land.”

I wen go by da angel guy an aks him fo give me da small paper. He tell me, “Take um an eat um. Goin come sour inside yoa stomach, no matta inside yoa mout taste sweet, jalike da honey!”

10 I wen take da small paper from da angel guyʼs hand, an I wen eat um. Wen taste sweet jalike da honey inside my mout, but wen I wen swallow, wen come sour inside my stomach. 11 Den da angel guy tell me, “Eh, you gotta tell wat God wen say again bout plenny countries, peopos, language, an kings.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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