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But de you sy, speak laleō what hos is fitting prepō for ho healthy hygiainō teaching didaskalia. Older men presbytēs should be eimi clear-minded nēphalios, dignified semnos, self-controlled sōphrōn, healthy hygiainō in ho faith pistis, in ho love agapē, and in ho steadfastness hypomonē. Elderly women presbytis, likewise hōsautōs, are to be reverent hieroprepēs in en demeanor katastēma, not slanderers diabolos, and not enslaved douloō to much polys wine oinos, teaching what is good kalodidaskalos, and so hina encourage sōphronizō the ho younger women neos to love their husbands philandros and children philoteknos, to be self-controlled sōphrōn, pure hagnos, working at home oikourgos, kind agathos, submissive hypotassō to ho their own idios husbands anēr that hina the ho word logos of ho God theos may not be blasphemed blasphēmeō. Urge parakaleō the ho younger men neos, likewise hōsautōs, to be self-controlled sōphroneō in peri all things pas, showing parechō yourself seautou to be an example typos of good kalos works ergon, pure aphthoria and dignified semnotēs in en your ho teaching didaskalia, beyond reproach akatagnōstos in your healthy hygiēs instruction logos, so that hina the ho opponent ek enantios may be put to shame entrepō because he has echō nothing mēdeis evil phaulos to say legō against peri us hēmeis. Urge slaves to be subject hypotassō to their idios own masters despotēs in en all things pas, to be eimi pleasing euarestos, not talking back antilegō, 10 not pilfering nosphizō but alla showing endeiknymi completely pas good agathos faithfulness pistis so that hina they might adorn kosmeō the ho teaching didaskalia · ho of ho God theos our hēmeis Savior sōtēr in en all things pas.

11 For gar the ho grace charis of ho God theos has appeared epiphainō, bringing salvation for all pas people anthrōpos, 12 teaching paideuō us hēmeis that hina, having denied arneomai the ho ungodliness asebeia and kai the ho worldly kosmikos passions epithumia, we should live zaō in a self-controlled manner sōphronōs and kai justly dikaiōs and kai reverently eusebōs in en the ho present nyn age aiōn, 13 waiting for prosdechomai the ho blessed makarios hope elpis, the appearing epiphaneia of the ho glory doxa of ho our hēmeis great megas God theos and kai Savior sōtēr Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, 14 who hos gave didōmi himself heautou for hyper us hēmeis so that hina he might redeem lytroō us hēmeis from apo all pas lawlessness anomia and kai cleanse katharizō for himself heautou a special periousios people laos, a zealot zēlōtēs for good kalos works ergon.

15 Speak laleō these things houtos and kai encourage parakaleō and kai rebuke elenchō with meta all pas authority epitagē; let periphroneō no one mēdeis disregard periphroneō you sy.

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