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(For the one directing. To The Death of the Son. Mizmor of Dovid) I will give thanks to Thee, Hashem, with kol lev of me; I will show forth all Thy marvellous works.

(3) I will be glad and rejoice in Thee; I will sing praise to Thy Shem, O Thou Elyon.

(4) When mine oyevim are turned back, they shall fall and perish at Thy presence.

(5) For Thou hast maintained my mishpat and my cause; Thou as Shofet Tzedek dost sit on the kisse.

(6) Thou hast rebuked the Goyim, Thou hast destroyed the wicked, Thou hast blotted out their shem l’olam va’ed.

(7) Choravot lanetzach (endless ruins) have come to the enemy: and Thou hast rooted out cities; their memory is perished with them.

(8) But Hashem shall reign l’olam; He hath established His kisse (throne) for mishpat.

(9) And He shall judge the tevel (world) in tzedek, He shall govern the nations with justice.

(10) Hashem also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of tzoros.

10 (11) And they that know Shemecha will put their trust in Thee; for Thou, Hashem, hast not forsaken them that seek Thee.

11 (12) Sing praises to Hashem, enthroned in Tziyon; declare among the nations His deeds.

12 (13) When He avenges [shefach] dahm, He remembereth them; He forgetteth not the cry of the aniyim (humble, afflicted, the helpless ones).

13 (14) Have mercy upon me, Hashem; consider my sufferings which I suffer of them that hate me, Thou that liftest me up from the sha’arei mavet (gates of death);

14 (15) That I may show forth all Thy praise in the Sha’arei Bat Tziyon. I will rejoice in Thy Yeshuah (salvation).

15 (16) The Goyim are sunk down in the shachat (pit) that they dug; in the reshet (net) which they hid is their own foot caught.

16 (17) Hashem is known by the mishpat which He executeth; the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgayon. Selah.

17 (18) The resha’im shall be turned into Sheol, and all the Goyim that forget Elohim.

18 (19) For the needy shall not always be forgotten; the tikveh of the poor shall not perish forever.

19 (20) Arise, Hashem; let not enosh (mankind) prevail; let the Goyim be judged in Thy sight.

20 (21) Put them in terror, Hashem; that the Goyim may know themselves to be but enosh. Selah.