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Tehillim 64 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

64 (For the one directing. Mizmor of Dovid). Hear my voice, O Elohim, in my si’akh (complaint); preserve my life from the pachad (terror) of the oyev (enemy).

(3) Hide me from the sod (secret counsel, conspiracy) of the re’im; from the rigshah (insurrection, noisy crowd, assembly) of the workers of iniquity;

(4) Who whet their tongue like a cherev, and aim their khitzim (arrows), even davar mar (bitter words);

(5) That they may shoot in secret at the tam (innoent); pitom (suddenly) do they shoot at him, and fear not.

(6) They encourage themselves in a davar rah (an evil plan); they speak in order to set mokshim (snares, hidden traps); they say, Who shall see them?

(7) Or search out their iniquities? They have accomplished a cunningly devised plot; for the mind of ish (man) and the lev (heart) are deep,

(8) But Elohim shall shoot at them with a khetz (arrow); pitom (suddenly) shall their wounds be.

(9) So the leshon of them will bring ruin upon them; all that see them shall shake their head.

(10) And kol adam shall fear, and shall declare the po’al Elohim (work of G-d); for they shall ponder His ma’aseh.

10 (11) The tzaddik shall be glad in Hashem, and shall take refuge in Him; and all the yishrei lev (upright of heart) shall glory.

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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